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I can’t believe that the first month of the year is almost over.  What normally feels like the longest month of the year has just flown by, perhaps because I’ve had lots going on.  To be honest, I will quite happily see the back of January, with my Nan being hospitalised for pneumonia and being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I’ve had two bouts of sickness it hasn’t been the best start to the new year.  The forever optimist in me is hopeful for the rest of 2015 though and despite the sadness that January has brought my family there have been some speckles of happiness too. 

My word of the month for January was nourish, which I think I have achieved by eating lots of nutrient dense foods, feeding my soul with things that I enjoy and being mindful and taking some time out for myself.  All of this is in line with my ‘‘ to 2015 and I’ve been working towards some of my and body goals already too; I’ll be posting my soul goals shortly. 

I’ve really been enjoying getting back into working out and in the gym again this month.  Challenging is the word that I would use to describe these workouts, but I’m always up for a challenge and regaining my fitness slowly is important to me. I’ve slacked on the yoga side of things though so that’s something that I want to focus on next month as it’s one of my goals for 2015. 

This month has very much been about getting organised for the year ahead and looking at what I would like to achieve.  I’ve been working through my Leonie Dawson workbook and it’s really helped me achieve the clarity that I was missing because of the mamahood bubble that I’m in. My one line a day book has been great to capture small snippets in my day that have meant something to me, both big and small. 

On the blog this month I’ve shared some lovely recipes, including my that has become a bit of a hit with you guys.  Also, check out my  and my recipes from this month too.  

My favourite posts from this month:

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Although January this year hasn’t been fantastic I always find something to be grateful for in every day.  Time is flying by so quickly, Aiden growing out of his clothes and getting so big is a constant reminder of this.  Memories can be lost as quickly as they can be made, which everything that has happened to my Nan has made me realise.  As much as I’m a believer for living for now, I’m also an advocate of cherishing every moment.  With everything that has happened CHERISH is the word that I have chosen for February and is now pinned to my noticeboard.  No matter how big or small, silly or poignant I’m hoping to capture these moments and store them in my mind for as long as I am physically able.

How was the first month of 2015 for you?  Any highlights?

Which word would you like to choose for February?