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Happy Sunday you lovely lot!  Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.  It’s not half bad in these parts as last night Alfie and I headed out for our first date night since baby AJ was born.  We had been dying to see the latest Hobbit movie, but unfortunately it’s no longer showing so we went to see Kingsman instead.  I loved the film, well, what I saw of it as my body thought it would be a good time to take a nap.  Oh well, it was nice to get out of the house baby free for once. 


After a horrific January, we had some wonderful news on Friday which I thought deserved and indulgent celebration, more on that in a minute.  Whilst out shopping for photography props I popped into Costa for a wedge of carrot cake and hot chocolate.  It’s been a while since I had some carrot cake so this really hit the spot. 

I had a lovely breakfast this week of toasted brioche topped with runny fried eggs and a slice of avocado.  Normally I don’t have bread, so the brioche felt like a lovely treat and something a different for me. 

We had a bit of snow yesterday morning and it actually settled on the ground, although disappointingly it soon disappeared hours later.  Even so, it freezing so I warmed up with a lovely bowl of pear oats made with unsweetened almond milk, full fat Greek yoghurt, honey, cinnamon and peanut butter, so tasty!

Another hearty  bowl of peanut butter cup banana porridge really set me up for the day.  A few of you have asked for the recipe for this and there isn’t one really.  It’s just porridge oats cooked with a mashed banana, cocoa powder, honey and unsweetened almond milk and then topped with smooth peanut butter.  It feels so indulgent when you eat it, but it’s got lots of good stuff in it too. 

Most of my meals this week have been eaten to keep me cosy warm, lots of porridge and soup have helped.  This was a store-bought Thai sweet potato soup with an apple that I had for lunch.  I really need to make my version of that soup because it was utterly gorgeous, I love those Thai coconut flavours. 

This bowl of loveliness is a rustic vegetarian soup that I’d made for a freelance project that I’m working on.  It’s a really hearty soup, so perfect for this chilly weather we’ve had.

This salad was full of so many of my favourite foods right now: mixed salad leaves, beets, feta cheese, avocado, sweet red peppers and pomegranate seeds.  I’ll definitely be making this again very soon as it’s become one of my go to salads to throw together.

On to that good news!  My lovely Nan came home from hospital on Friday, much to my family’s relief, it’s so nice knowing that she is home surrounded by the things and people she knows so well.  Also, my article all about superfoods has been published in Center Parcs Village Life magazine.   I was so excited to get my copy in the post and seeing my name in print.  A perfect excuse for a slice of carrot cake in my opinion. 

I haven’t made it to the gym this week yet and may go later, but I have been out for lots of long walks, including a lovely family walk around Blenheim Palace yesterday.  As one of my goals for 2015 I’m totally committed to getting my yoga on this year. Yoga is nourishing for the mind, body and soul, starting tomorrow I’m aiming to do 2 yoga workouts a week. I’ll be posting updates on my social media accounts to stay accountable, please feel free to join me by tagging me in your posts and using the hashtag  as I would love to see how you’re getting on.

Have you ever napped whilst watching a movie at the cinema?  What films have you all been enjoying recently?

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