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Happy Sunday folks!  Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend.  Yesterday I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking with AJ as he looked on from his car seat.  I cooked up some grains for next week, a wonderful fish curry that will be coming to the blog soon and these wonderful Nutella Protein Balls that only contain 3 ingredients: hazelnuts, dates and chocolate protein powder.  Naturally I took a spoon to the jar of Nutella that was calling my name to test how my protein balls compared and they taste almost identical.  I’ve got a lovely stash of these babies to keep me going all week. 

I’ve been enjoying lots of tasty bowls of 2% Greek yoghurt this week, including this one that was blueberries, banana, shredded coconut and raw hazelnut butter.  A great bowl of yumminess to start my day! 

Porridge is never too far away, especially considering how chilly the mornings have been this week.  I had this bowl of porridge made in the microwave with unsweetened almond milk, blueberries and a cheeky blob of Nutella.  Sometimes I like my porridge made really simply so I can load on the toppings and the blueberries and Nutella really hit the spot. 

I had the sudden urge eat some chestnuts this week and I’ve been adding them to everything like this salad.  It also contained mixed leaves, chopped apple, goat’s cheese and hummus.  The hummus acted like a great salad dressing and went well with everything on the salad. 

Another utterly gorgeous salad was the highlight of my week!   This one was mixed leaves, tomatoes, beets, melty goat’s cheese, hummus and a buttered ciabatta on the side. 

On Friday I met up with my lovely blogging friend Miranda, it was her first time meeting my little man and I think she enjoyed all the baby cuddles.  We stopped off in Jamie’s Italian for epic and difficult to eat burgers and fries.  It was so nice to catch up and gossip. 

I treated myself to some of my favourite healthy living products in my Ocado shop last week.  The raw hazelnut butter is just divine and those spelt noodles went really well with a Thai red curry that I made earlier in the week.  I think Ocado and Tesco have to be my favourite supermarkets for healthy snacks and whole foods, they’re just with it.  Yesterday whilst picking up some ingredients for a recipe I’m developing I spotted the salted caramel Think Thin bar flavour that sneaked its way into my shopping basket in Tesco.  

It’s been a great week of outings for us this week with baby massage, music class, a trial baby swimming class, play group and our lunch date with Miranda.  We’re heading to see my Nan later today, the first time since she’s come home from the hospital so looking forward to that.  All of that and exciting new freelance projects and looking at the new artwork for the blog, it’s been an awesome week!  I’ve managed to squeeze in some short workouts too and yoga as part of #yogalovingfeb, which I will be posting on my social media feeds in a new weekly share starting later today. 

Do you have a super simple healthy snack that you like to make?  What is your favourite supermarket for healthy living products?