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How did we get here so quick?  My sweet little man is growing so fast and we’re enjoying every minute of it.  This month has been more challenging than others because I’ve been ill with a 24-hour bug and I’m trying to shift the last bit of a cold.  Trying to look after myself and a small baby has been a struggle and we’ve had a couple of meltdowns because of it.  Also, the past few days have been hard due to Aiden catching my cold and developing viral conjunctivitis, but thankfully after being so worried the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. 

Sleep deprivation

We’ve had a massive development with Aiden’s sleeping patterns this month as he has naturally established a sleeping routine all on his own.  We were struggling to find a routine that would work for us, but something has just clicked in the past couple of weeks and our little man has been a star!  Around 8pm, he will fall asleep after his bath that I’ve switched to the evening instead of the morning as it really helps relax him.  Our evening routine starts around 7pm and he has a bath, followed by baby massage, getting him dressed and then a feed where he falls asleep on the boob.  This has worked consistently for the past 2 weeks and it means that Alfie and I get some baby free time in the evening.  Aiden still doesn’t sleep the night through, waking up twice in the night for feeds, but I’m so happy that we’ve finally got something together.  

There’s been some improvement with the daytime napping too as I’ve now grasped roughly the times that AJ is tired, there are certain behaviours that he will do or just be a complete fuss pot and won’t settle.  On a good day he will lie-in until 8.30am after his 4am feed and likes to nap in the day around 12.30pm-1pm ranging from 45 minutes to or 3 hours, it’s so unpredictable.  He still loves to co-sleep in our bed, which is a habit that we are struggling to break at the moment.  I’m practically lying in the moses basket next to me where the baby should be, although a huge part of me is loving all the baby snuggles.  


We’re still doing pretty well in this area.  Aiden has caught my cold, which I think has affected his latch as he tries to breathe through the congestion, meaning a little soreness for me in the boob department.  Also, I’ve noticed that sometimes he uses breastfeeding as a pacifier to help him drift off to sleep, which I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing.  I tried to introduce a dummy and he sucks on it for a while but eventually spits it out and not really bothered by it. 


Nothing has really changed since my last update and my recent body post where I discussed my feelings about my postpartum body and how I hope to reclaim it after pregnancy.  I’m still taking things slow and enjoying getting back into my workouts.  We’ve just started going to a mama and baby Pilates class with our mummy and baby friends that is great fun. 


On a few occasions, there have been a few challenges this month because of being sick.  There have been times where all I’ve wanted to do is curl up in bed and rest all day, but of course with a small baby to care for it never happens.  It’s these times that have been testing mentally for me, but we somehow managed to navigate through them.  It’s the first time that I’ve been ill with a baby to look after and it makes things a lot harder, especially if Aiden is having a meltdown.  This month has definitely been a learning curve in that sense, but otherwise everything is pretty positive and I’m gaining confidence each week.  

Aiden’s Milestone’s

This has been such an enjoyable month watching my baby boy develop as he’s so curious about everything and wants to be right there where all the action is.  His need to be looking around at everything can make feeding difficult and long sometimes because he gets so distracted.  

The most adorable thing is this little chuckle that he does, it’s not a full laugh yet, but it’s a genuine sign of enjoyment.  He’s also such a smiley happy baby and will give me his big beaming smile when I greet him in the mornings or when he finds something funny.  Like last month, Aiden has become progressively louder as he’s learning different sounds and noises. I try to copy his baby babble to see if he will repeat it back to me, but he tends to just smile or carry on having a conversation, he’s so talkative now.  One thing that has been great is his ability to entertain himself on his playmat or in his swing.  There have been a few times where I have left him sleeping upstairs only to return to find him cooing to himself and looking around the room.  

Now that Aiden is approaching the 5-month mark I’m reading up on baby led weaning and would love some advice on this if you have any to share.  I’m hoping to start weaning when he’s around 6 months but want to gather as much information as I can before then to feel prepared.  I’m actually really looking forward to the weaning stage, another exciting time on this incredible journey!

What was your favourite thing about your baby’s development at this stage?  Did your little one naturally establish their own sleeping routine?  

How do you cope when your ill and have somebody else to look after?