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Happy Sunday friends!  I hope that you’re all enjoying your weekends.  We’re having a pretty busy one over here with lots of family visits and children’s birthday parties, but it’s been a lot of fun.  

I mentioned that I wanted to explore out local area more and on Friday I took Aiden for a mama and baby lunch date to a nearby cafe that we’ve never visited before called , where they make their own organic ice cream.  It had been recommended to me by one of our mummy friends so I was eager to try it out.  Whilst Aiden was flirting with the lovely female staff I chose a grilled herbed chicken salad for lunch, which was absolutely delicious.  I was also tempted my the cakes too and couldn’t resist a slice of red velvet cake and a hot chocolate for dessert:

Who can resist cake?! It really hit the spot and, funnily enough, this weekend has been all about cake as I had a slice of birthday cake yesterday and I’ve baked a red velvet cake for dessert as my family are visiting later today.  

I haven’t just been eating cake this week, honest, for breakfast I went a bit old skool with some organic wholemeal toast topped with almond butter, sliced apple and banana.  I hadn’t had this combination for breakfast for ages and it never gets old. 

I’ve also been enjoying big bowls of full-fat Greek yoghurt, like this one topped with avocado, blueberries, hazelnuts, shredded coconut and coconut sugar because I was out of honey.

There’s also been these beautifully pink porridge oats made from frozen cherries (from Sainsbury’s), unsweetened almond milk, coconut oil, organic yoghurt and lots of drippy almond butter.  I love adding coconut oil to my oats for a nutritional boost of healthy fats.

Despite the colder weather, I’m still drawn to my salads for lunch and always enjoy mixing different ingredients.   This one was rocket, a chopped Pink Lady apple, goat’s cheese, chestnuts and dates for a sweet and salty combo.

I know that chestnuts are traditionally associated with Christmas, but I’m a bit obsessed with them at the moment.  I like them crumbled on my salads or to straight up whole to snack on.  This salad couldn’t escape my chestnut addiction and they went well with the rocket, green lentils, goat’s cheese and pomegranate. 

I’ll be reviewing these Savse smoothies on the blog this month, but I’ve loved the convenience of getting them straight from the fridge without having to faff around with my blender.  I had this Super Purple one with a Pink Lady apple as a snack after Aiden’s first baby swimming class.  It’s such a cute baby class and he really enjoyed splashing around and kicking his little legs in the water.

Another favourite snack of mine, this week has to be this snack plate of a chopped apple and a dollop of Nutella and peanut butter for dipping. The peanut butter and Nutella combo is insanely good!

Sweet and salty is one of my favourite flavour combinations if you hadn’t guessed yet.  I treated myself to these bars of Lindt chocolate when I ordered the grocery shop and I can proudly say that I’ve yet to scoff the lot. 

I think we’ll be making lots of trips to The Milk Shed in the future as it has a rustic homemade country vibe going on that I love.  It’s going to be great to face planting myself in all that gorgeous looking ice cream when the weather hots up.  Anyway, I better go and pop to the shops to buy the ingredients to make lunch for later on.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! 

Have you discovered a new favourite restaurant/cafe recently?  What’s your favourite flavour combination?

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