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Popularity of subscription services has risen and range from snack boxes, beauty and now meal planning services.  I love to spend a few hours in the kitchen and cook up a family meal that I have lovingly prepared, however realistically these days it doesn’t happen and my meals are more about speed.  Having all my ingredients already prepared and measured out for me like they do on cooking shows has always appealed to me.  A food delivery service like Marley Spoon sounded like something that would be perfect for my new life with a small baby, so I gave it a go when offered the chance to review them for the blog.

I love going to the supermarket to pick out ingredients, but like many I also like the idea of convenience. Now with a small baby, online grocery shopping has become a life saver.  It means that I don’t have to plan our food shop around feeds or naps as I can simply sail through the virtual shopping aisles at home with a cup of tea. I remember when Aiden was less than 2 weeks old and Alfie and I tried to do our first food shop as parents, all was going well until we had the audacity to stop in the meat aisle and compare prices.  The sudden lack of movement upset the baby and the whole meat aisle and nearby aisles knew about it too.

Each week Marley Spoon offers a lovely choice of gourmet looking dishes that you can choose from.  I chose the Hereford beef pie with carrot and potato topping and the coconut lentil curry with pollock and chips.  All the ingredients are sent fresh to your door with a recipe card that instructs you how to cook the dish.  Both dishes were pretty easy to cook and the portion sizes were just right for us.

On a negative point, I’m not sure who packed my delivery but the instruction cards clearly state that the meat would be provided, however I never received any.  Luckily I had some stewing steaks in the freezer already for the pie but I had to go out and buy some white fish, which, of course, defeats the object of the service. 

Looking back, I wish I had known about this service right after my baby was born because it would have been the perfect way to enjoy some quality food without the stress of having to go shopping for the ingredients.   I would really recommend this service and similar, despite the slight hiccup to new mamas and when you are short on time because it really takes the faff out of cooking proper meals for the family.  There is a minimum order of 4 portions, which costs around £36, so it’s not cheap, but I think during busy and stressful periods services like these come into their own. 

Are you signed up to any subscription services?  Would you be interested in trying something like Marley Spoon?

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