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Sorry but I’m still drooling over that lemon meringue cheesecake right there.  I dived in head first after eating a lovely market superfood salad with grilled chicken in Jamie’s Italian on a lunch date with the very lovely Miranda yesterday.  It was so light and fluffy that it just melted in my mouth if only they did bigger portions because I’m sure I could have eaten a second.

Talking of delicious food I’ve been enjoying lots of great food this week, especially lots of porridge and salads.  I made this plain bowl of porridge with unsweetened almond milk and topped it with all of my favourite things like avocado, blueberries, strawberries and  dates.

Keeping it simple again with this bowl of plain porridge oats topped with a chopped banana, blueberries, Nutella and almond butter, yum.

I loved this goat’s cheese and roasted beet salad that was on the specials menu at The Milk Shed last week. We were there for a lunch date with one of our mummy friends and had an amazing time chatting the afternoon away with our babies. 

I bought some edamame beans for a recipe that’s coming up on the blog next week and forgot how much I actually love them.  I’ve put them in my salads a lot this week and they went great with rocket, roasted peppers, beets, goat’s cheese and hummus to make a gorgeous salad for lunch. 

Hot oat smoothies have been a thing for me this week, they take the chill out of the morning when I can’t face the thought having a smoothie made with lots of ice.  This one was blueberry and banana blended with some plain porridge, almond milk and vanilla protein powder.  It goes all thick and creamy, yum!

I’ve experimented lots in the kitchen this week and played around with a few healthy fudge recipes.  This batch of salted almond butter fudge is definitely a winner, recipe coming soon! 

The lighter mornings have meant that I’ve been able to get out for my first run in over a year.  I have to get out the house super early so that Alfie can take care of Aiden before leaving for work, but I don’t mind that at all.  I’m committed to making running a bit of a thing this year and signed up for Race for Life and I’m looking for a couple of other races to take part in too, including something to raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease.  I’m not as fast as I used to be, but I’m not looking to get a PB or anything.  The sheer enjoyment is enough for me to fall back in love with running again, although I think I could achieve a personal best in eating copious amounts of dessert. 🙂

 Check back tomorrow for an Easter themed giveaway on the blog!

What motivates you to run, a PB or just the sheer enjoyment?  What’s the best dessert that you’ve eaten recently?

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