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I’m really enjoying this age, although Aiden is still technically a baby he looks so much more mature in the face.  Since starting solids last month, he has grown heaps and really blossomed.  We’re having so much fun at the minute, despite my exhaustion because my little man has all the energy of a Duracell bunny, he’s just into everything and wants to bounce all day long. 

Sleep Deprivation

This month has been tiring and there has been a lack of sleep mainly due to me working late and trying to transition Aiden from sleeping in our bed to his cot.  I like to keep things real on the blog, it’s been tough!  Changing from lots of snuggles from his mama and papa bear in the night to a huge space all on his own must be quite daunting for him. Equally, getting up out of bed and walking across the hall to do the night feeds instead of practically just having to roll over is also a big deal too.  Now I have to actually wake myself up to feed him, rather than being half asleep and drifting off again.

The first week was horrific, trying to get AJ to sleep in his cot is something that I never had imagined would be so hard.  There was one point when we thought he would never sleep in it at all!  We even tried controlled crying at one point, which I can’t stand and didn’t work for us anyway.  To be fair, perhaps I wasn’t being persistent enough in the beginning, after trying to put him down at least 3 times in his cot I would give up and bring him back to our bed.  

Out of nowhere, two weeks ago after half-heartedly putting him down in his cot after his bedtime feed, he slept happily in it for a few hours, woke for his next feed and went down again in his cot then the morning came and he was still sleeping soundly in it. I was a tired mess come the morning with the getting up and down and panicking about whether he’s still breathing in his room all by himself, but we had finally cracked it, such a relief! 

Breastfeeding and Weaning

We’re still breastfeeding on demand alongside weaning, one thing that I forgot to mention in my last update is that nursing a baby with teeth hurts.  I’m talking about a sharp searing pain when they don’t manage to get their tongue over their tiny but super sharp teeth.  It happened a couple of times last month and I think me yelping in pain must have scared Aiden as he starting crying afterwards, however, he hasn’t bitten me since, thank goodness. 

Weaning is going great and there is nothing that Aiden won’t try.  We’re now giving him the same foods as us and have now fully embraced the baby-led weaning route with a few tweaks that some dedicated purists probably won’t agree with, but they work for us and we’re doing fine.  

He’s tried curry, mousaka, pasta dishes, meat, fish and his current favourite vegetables are sweet potato, asparagus and green beans.  One thing that I do struggle with is when to know when he’s finished and I worry about him not eating enough because sometimes he only has a couple of bites or spoonfuls.  I’ve read that milk is their main source of nutrition until one year so I know he will be fine regardless.   It’s so lovely watching him enjoy his food and feed himself.  My recipe book arrived last week and I can’t wait to make some of the recipes from it that are designed for two adults and one baby with the baby-led weaning philosophy in mind. 


Pretty much no change in this department really.  I have felt a bit run down though and rough, but I think that’s just down to the tiredness.  I’m planning a pamper session this upcoming weekend which will hopefully just what I need after a busy couple of weeks.  I’m feeling much stronger in the abdominal area and as I mentioned last month postnatal Pilates has been great for this and knitting everything back together again. 


Unlike last month, I’ve finally come round to the fact that my little man is growing up fast.  He’s developing so quickly at the moment that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with his milestones.  One day he won’t be able to do something and the next he’s managed to move himself from one side of the room to the other, more on that in a moment.  Watching him grow into a little boy is one of the most special things and rather than dwell on the fact that time is just flying I’m taking each day as it comes and enjoying the moments.  I’m really glad that I’ve got these monthly updates to refer back to when he’s older. 

Aiden’s Milestone’s

So, Aiden has now mastered the art of crawling backwards, I’m not sure how he does it to be honest.  He sort of lifts himself up into a plank hold and hops backwards, it’s amazing to watch but also very scary as he’s so mobile now.  Apparently it’s normal for babies to start to crawl backwards first because their arms aren’t strong enough to pull themselves forwards yet.   Everyone keeps telling me that he will be crawling forwards in a couple of weeks and I should brace myself.  I think it’s time to start baby-proofing the house!

A new trick, which seems to be his favourite at the moment is being able to clap his hands.  It’s really funny when he claps at specific moments of applause, all completely coincidently but adorable nonetheless.  He’s probably the only person in the entire world who appreciates my bad singing because he will stop what he’s doing and listen intently. I’ve bought him some new books this month as I was bored with reading the same ones to him and I’m hoping that it will help him develop new sounds and help his vocabulary when he starts talking properly. I love reading the stories to him that I enjoyed as a child.  

Everything is of interest to Aiden, his hands reach out to try to touch everything and he’s really engaged into his surroundings now.  Watching him sit up unaided and play with his toys, reach out for distant objects and genuinely giggle when he finds something funny are other reminders at how well he is coming along.  We have our 8 months developmental check with the health visitor already booked in and I’m really intrigued to find out her thoughts on how he’s doing because the last time she saw him he was only 10 weeks old.  

Did you find getting your baby to sleep in their own room difficult or was it a breeze? When did your baby learn how to crawl?  

What were your first foods when you were a baby?

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