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…two of my favourite things!  This has been a bit of a weird week for me as we travelled up to Scotland last Sunday for my mum’s wedding day in a stunning castle that was in the middle of nowhere.  We decided to make the 4-hour drive earlier than needed to make a bit of a mini-break out of it and stayed in a gorgeous hotel in Gretna.  It’s such a gorgeous part of the world and the perfect place for a wedding.  I thought it was a great occasion to dig out my Jimmy Choo Nova’s that I wore at my wedding and my mum had the most beautiful bouquet of pink roses that she gave to me, like I had given her my bouquet at my wedding that you can read about . 

Needless to say, there was lots of over-indulging in lots of yummy food like sticky toffee pudding and this amazing ice cream.  Normally I’m a salted caramel ice cream gal, but this s and cream deliciousness won my heart!

Our hotel put on an amazing spread at breakfast and I tried to stay away from the pastries and filled up on the cooked breakfast instead, that included haggis!  I’ve never tried haggis before and thought …’when in Rome…’ so gave it a whirl.  It was actually quite pleasant, better than I was expecting anyway, but I don’t think I will be in a rush to add it to my weekly shop anytime soon.

At one of the food halls we visited, I spotted these new to me flavours of Lindt chocolate and just had to buy them.  I’ve already cracked open the lime one and OMG, it’s gorgeous!  Full of zesty flavour that add a nice zing, very different but it tastes scrummy.  I can’t wait to try the sesame one next. 

One the 4-hour drive back down from Scotland, we decided to take a lunch break at the service station which happened to have a Waitrose attached to it.  I picked up this quinoa and asparagus salad and a chai latte from Starbucks. 

I’ve tried to balance out all of that hearty Scottish food and got my weekend started off in an EPIC way yesterday with this cherry and vanilla smoothie in a bowl with all the toppings.  I mixed up frozen cherries, vanilla protein, cashew nuts, banana and unsweetened almond milk, topping it with juicy blueberries, raspberries, almond butter and coconut Chocshot.  I love the gorgeous pink colour, it reminded me of my mum’s roses. 

 A much-needed vanilla chai shake to cool down in yesterday’s 28-degree heat.

Now you all know how much I love , but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it when you want full-on comfort food.  I made this lightened-up version of a classic carbonara last night and it went down a treat.  I hade some fresh cherries and dark chocolate for dessert.

Since returning from Scotland, I’ve tried to add more veggies to my breakfast as per my tip in the boosting your vegetable intake earlier this week.  Roasted tomatoes have become a bit of a breakfast favourite along with curried potatoes, scrambled eggs and avocado. 

Well, I hope you are all having an utterly gorgeous weekend!  I think I’m going to have a relaxing one and have some self-care practises that I want to put into play like putting coconut oil into my hair, a mani- and pedicure, an afternoon nap, crafting and catching up with Breaking Bad.  I may also squeeze in some baking too!

Have you ever tried haggis before or any other weird but wonderful delicacies?

What new chocolate flavours have you tried recently?

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