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On our long drive to Scotland last week, I knew that there would be the urge to snack at some point on the journey.  We had planned to stop 2 hours into the drive, which was the half-way point, but due to horrendous traffic on the M6 we decided not to lose any more time and continue on our trip up north.

Thankfully I had the foresight to shop and pack some snacks before we left the house.  Let’s face it, the petrol stations aren’t really known for stocking the healthiest of foods, unless you are stopping and visiting the mini-supermarkets that most of the motorway service stations seem to have attached to them now.  I picked up a lovely quinoa and asparagus salad from Waitrose when we stopped for a break on the return journey home. If you’re stopping just for petrol, they really don’t have a lot to offer in the way of healthy snacks at the petrol station and all the junk food can be tempting when you are in the middle of a long journey.

I made sure that I packed enough snacks with lots of variety in case I got bored and kept in mind the return journey home as well, so ensured that I was covered for both trips.  Here’s what I packed for our road trip to Scotland:

This part of the healthy snacking haul was based around what I thought I would like on the trip, Alfie’s stash was centred more around Haribo’s and Random’s, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I wanted to snack on something healthier on the drive.  Cherries and almonds are great portable snacks and I’d been snacking on them loads week’s prior to the trip so I knew that they were dead certs for the journey.  I really can’t fault Nakd and Trek Bars for their wholesome and natural ingredients and thought it was best to have this Cocoa Oat protein flapjack from Trek on hand, which has a layer of dark chocolate, perfect for a protein chocolate fix on the go!

Pink Lady apples are the best in my opinion and I can eat quite a few of them in one day, and of course, a big bottle of water is a must to stay hydrated and focused on the road while driving.  I’ve become a popcorn fiend recently and Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn has been a saviour in kicking my cravings to the curb and giving me a healthier popcorn fix as opposed to some other sugar-laden brands out there. 

The word road trip really doesn’t mean the same thing with a baby in tow and the last thing you want on a long car journey is a cranky baby. Packing snacks to keep an unusually grizzly Aiden at bay is always a good idea.  We find the Organix finger food range really good as its free from refined sugar and chemical nasties, the rice cakes and carrot sticks are AJ’s favourites.  He’s also a big fan of the gingerbread men from the same brand that I sometimes used to buy to eat myself.  It’s always good to have his favourite fruit on hand, even though he ends up stealing mine and he loves drinking ice-cold water from his sippy cup.

Anything above 1 hour is considered a long journey to me. I normally carry a snack in my bag when we are out and about, but felt that an 8 hour round trip needed a bit more preparation and having something healthy to snack on did make the long drive more enjoyable.  

What snacks would make it onto your list for a long car journey?  

Where were you going on your last road trip?  How long did it take?