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Happy Sunday!  I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful day.  We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in our new house and we have worked hard to unpack as many boxes as we can as quickly as we can.  I was amazed by how many boxes we had to unpack and thankfully we have at least 12 more to sort through, which hopefully won’t take too long.  

Our first move with a baby has been less chaotic than I thought it would have been, but that may have been down to our amazing team of removers who were fantastic.   Now that most of the boxes have been unpacked we can start on the fun stuff, making the house our home. We made a big furniture order last night that I’m very excited about!  Lots of leftover birthday cake has got me through the unpacking process, a lovely red velvet cake that I made myself.  

What I’ve Been Eating This Week

We only have an under the counter fridge at the moment and looking to invest in a new fridge freezer soon, so meal times have to be well planned so that the food doesn’t go off.  Breakfasts are pretty easy to plan though and a plate of bacon, scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil and half an avocado never gets old. 

I don’t eat bread very often, but it’s been an easy option whilst getting to grips with everything.  I’ve loved it topped with mashed avocado, grated cheese and tomatoes for breakfast and lunch. 

Porridge is another easy option and I’ve eaten it a lot this week, mainly cooked with a mashed banana and topped with fruit like raspberries or figs with lots of coconut almond butter.

Unearthing my blender from all the boxes was quite the highlight (oh and the cutlery!) and I made my first smoothie in the new house. This was a mango and apple concoction with brazil nuts instead of my usual cashew nuts. 

I’ve been eating lots of figs this week, for breakfast, dessert and for lunch on my salads.  I really like them paired with grilled halloumi cheese, green lentils, mixed leaves and brazil nuts for something a bit different. 

For snacks other than my stash of s and cream Quest bars (nom!) I’ve loved chopped apples and pears with peanut butter and Prutella by Muscle Food, simple and delicious! 

I feel that we’re beginning to settle into our new home now and looking forward to exploring the area some more.  We headed into Dorchester the other day to meet my friend for coffee and cake, which was nice. I think it helps to know that I’ve got a familiar friendly face close by.  We have a pretty fun-filled day planned of swimming, a trip to the park, unpacking the last boxes (not so fun!), a run and relaxing afternoon on the sofa eating my favourite foods.

How long did it take you to feel settled in your new home?  Did you have friends or family nearby to make the transition feel easier?