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Happy Sunday!  I’m sure that the week’s are coming around more quickly at the moment, or is it just me? Butternut squash soup with avocado on toast has been my obsession for lunch choices for the majority of this week.  I’m not sure about where you are but there has been some stormy weather in these parts and the sky has been grey for most of this week.  With a chill in the air and the central heating on this has been the perfect  healthy comfort food.

Yesterday I made my for breakfast and it was the perfect start to my weekend.  If you haven’t tried it already then do check out the recipe! Smoothie weather hasn’t gone just yet and this with a touch of cinnamon gives it a more autumnal vibe. 

Don’t you just think that figs look so pretty?  I’ve enjoyed mine with lots of full-fat Greek yoghurt, honey and mixed nuts for breakfast or a smaller version for a quick snack. 

Talking of snacks, this snickerdoodle almond butter by Buff and Bake is to die for!  It’s full of cinnamon, coconut oil, flax seeds, chia seed and lots of other delicious goodness.  I’ve put it on my porridge and having it with a chopped banana or apple for dipping. 

I can be a bit funny about kale if the stalks are too thick on the leaves it can be a bit like you’re chewing a hedge, but this particular kale that I picked up last week was just right – more on kale in a bit later.  I steamed some in the microwave and topped it with half an avocado and 3 fried free range eggs complete with drippy yolks for a super speedy lunch. 

Another speedy lunch this week came in the form of a baked sweet potato topped with cream cheese leftover roasted chicken, vegetables with rocket, yum! 

Chilli bowls are the perfect Friday night comfort food and I love them!  I made a big batch of chilli so there was plenty left over.  This was literally topped with all the toppings that I could find that included refried beans, jalapenos,  salsa and full-fat Greek yoghurt.  The tortilla wrap was an essential side so I could stuff it full with all that gorgeousness! 

It was Alfie’s birthday earlier in the week and I made him a ginger cake with cream cheese icing, so I’ve face-planted myself into extra portions of that all week too. Red velvet is actually his favourite cake, but I had already made one of those for AJ’s birthday at the beginning of the month.  Besides, I thought a ginger cake would be something a bit different and it came out great!

I know kale seems to be one of those buzz-foods that everyone is talking about at the moment, I loved it before it became so hot in the media.  It’s a weird one because although I’m more than ecstatic that the media are promoting key superfoods in such a positive way I do feel slightly saddened that some people are eating these foods because it’s fashionable rather than because they enjoy them.  To me, you should be eating food that you love to nourish your body from the inside out not because someone has told you to do it.  

What are your thoughts, on the whole, buzz-food thing and eating foods because they’re fashionable? 

Do you think it’s a positive step that the media are promoting these foods as superfoods?