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How pretty is that tin?”  was the frist thing that  I said when I unpacked this bundle from Pukka Herbs.  I’d been asked to review their Elderberry Winter Wellness Challenge following the launch of their new tea Elderberry and Echinechea.  Thinking ahead about the cold and flu season that comes with the arrival of winter I thought this would be a great chance to help boost my immune system naturally using these products. 

Elderberry Syrup

The Elderberry  Syrup sounded interesting to me and caught my eye first.  Elderberries have huge anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties that makes them fantastic at maintaining a strong immune system.  Many claim that elderberries are more advanced at boosting the immune system than traditional echinacea and research supports the protective properties of this flu-fighting fruit. 

Loaded with ginger and thyme which also are known for their immunoprotective properties, I was keen to give this a try especially since I had been feeling the beginnings of a cold coming on.  You’re instructed to take 1 teaspoon of syrup 3 times a day but not with food.  For me to remain accountable I have to keep this on the worktop in the kitchen.  I’m good at sticking to a schedule when it comes to prescription medication, but rubbish at taking supplements regularly when I should.  So far, I have been pretty good with this and have only missed a few doses.  

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the taste because it tastes like cough mixture, however, once I get over that it’s fine.  I’ve only been using it for a week so it’s too early to really tell if it’s having any effects, but either way I feel better knowing that I’m attempting to safeguard my immune system naturally. 

Elderberry & Echinacea Tea

Firstly, I have to say that fruit teas aren’t really my bag because I find them too pungent and sweet.  When I tried this tea, I was instantly surprised by its mild taste and I was expecting it to be far more powerful.  I’ve been drinking this once and sometimes twice daily and really love it!  I like the fact that you can give your immune system a boost during your tea break and find this a much easier method than having to remember to take a supplement. 

Deemed as the new superfood, elderberries are kicking echinaceas ass, but when they are paired together like in tea above you are getting the best of both worlds to help support your immune system this winter.  I’m a massive fan of Pukka Herbs and I’m really impressed with these products, especially the fruit tea because I don’t usually go for them at all.  Both products are available from your local health stores and . 

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Have you tried any of these products from Pukka Herbs?  How are you giving your immune system a boost this winter?

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