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Happy Sunday!  So who’s still not feeling festive yet? We’ve got everything pretty much wrapped up here…literally! With a couple of gifts still left to arrive that I ordered online and the Christmas food shop to finish, we’re pretty much done.  I’m so excited and finally feel that I can relax and enjoy the run up to Christmas.  If you caught me on Periscope yesterday morning you will already know that I started my festive baking, which always includes a batch of my mince pie pinwheels pictured above.  I will be sharing the recipe along with some other festive delights up until the big day, if you missed my first Christmassy recipe, my Winter Spiced Plum Compote then you can check it out . 


I haven’t been eating as healthily as I could if I’m honest nd the festive treats have already started to sneak into my everyday.  Over the next week or so I’m going to be on a mission to eat as many nourishing foods as I can in my version of healthy,  which will still include cake, but not as much as I’ve been eating recently.  Breakfasts like this toasted rye bread topped with fried free range eggs, avocado and chilli will also be featuring. 

It’s still not too cold for a green smoothie and this has been helping to fight off those cold and flu bugs that are going around at the moment. Turmeric is such a great spice to have in your store cupboard! 

With all the shopping trips there have been lots of opportunities to treat myself to lunch and this ploughman’s platter was delicious!  I ended up sharing it with Alfie because I couldn’t finish it, but it certainly tasted great, the red onion chutney was amazing!

I’m all over festive salads at the moment! My favourite add-ins have to be dried cranberries, pecans and pear with rocket and feta cheese. 

Have you ever tried snickerdoodle almond butter?!?  If not, do it!  It’s the best thing ever and I’ve been loving it on my porridge and dipping my apple slices in it, or just eating it straight from the jar with my spoon. 

This hot chocolate with all the whip and marshmallows was just epic.  It was the perfect treat, along with some apple cake after a day of rushing around the shops getting some Christmas gift inspiration. 


  • Monday – REST
  • Tuesday – REST
  • Wednesday – 30 minute all over body strength workout
  • Thursday – 1-hour power walk
  • Friday – REST
  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – Yoga with Adrienne 

Does Christmas shopping count as exercise?  It so should, well it does in my world anyway.  Rather a relaxed week where exercise is concerned, but I’m pleased with what I’ve managed to do even if it has been the bare minimum.  Power walking by the beach has got to be my most favourite ways to stay fit at the moment, it’s just beautiful and never actually feels like a workout. 

How festive are you feeling? Do you have everything sorted for Christmas yet?

What’s on your list for things to bake for this Christmas?

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