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Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating and the first day back at work is kind to you all.  Starting a fresh and feeling renewed is the best thing about the new year and over the past few days, I’ve been planning how I can make 2016 my best year yet. 

Whatever your thoughts on new years resolutions we all like to start the year on a positive high, full of passion and aspirations for the future.  Personally,  I’m not really one for setting resolutions because I find that they’re intimidating, unreachable and setting myself up for failure before I’ve even begun.  

Last year I totally spun my annual goal setting on its head and took a more holistic approach to designing a fabulous year and concentrated on getting things back on track after having a baby.  My approach to 2015 was to focus on myself, mind, body and soul.  In some respects, I accomplished this, but some of my self-care practices and healthy intentions fell to the wayside despite my efforts. 

In 2016,  there is a lot that I want to achieve and feel that a more traditional proactive approach is necessary for me to accomplish these things.  I really want to build on some of last years successes and think that my word for 2016, GROW embodies this perfectly.  After using last year to focus on myself, understanding my new normal as a mama and practising actions of kindness has set me up to really attack the new year and I’m very excited! 

More often than not, when setting our goals they tend to be centred about what we would like to achieve and actions, rather than how we would like to feel, which is something I would like to channel after reading this awesome .  So as well as my goals I’m also going to set a list of heartfelt intentions to help set 2016 alight for a happy and balanced year. 

Goals for a kick-ass 2016

Blogging and Biz

  • Increase my income from my freelance work and grow my business 
  • Launch Project YOU! in early 2016
  • Write and launch my first ever e-course
  • improve the photography on the blog
  • Blog housekeeping

I’m so lucky to be doing what I love and adore the blogging community and the fact that I’m part of it.  I want to have a massive push this year and take my blog to the next level.  This includes writing an e-course and launching Project YOU! in February, more details coming soon!  Of course, like with every business money is the heart of the matter and I’m hoping to extend my freelance work and increase my revenue from my online work and clients.


Personal Life

  • Get back to setting monthly goals
  • Sort out my finances once and for all
  • Find a short and effective workout routine to help me increase my strength and tone up
  • Book in monthly ‘me’ time in my diary
  • Invest in myself and learn something new with an online course 
  • Read at least one book a month 
  • Take a photography course 
  • Run a half marathon
  • Schedule in monthly family day trips/adventures

There is so much that I want to see and do and always feel scared that sometimes I let life just pass me by, hence a keen focus in planning family day trips and investing time in myself to discover something new.  Learning is a passion of mine and something that I haven’t really encouraged myself to do since my PhD., taking an on a class is something I’m looking into at the moment.  

One thing that I really want to do is find my fitness mojo again.  Family discussions over Christmas about running a half marathon has really helped.  I didn’t pass the ballot for VLM 2016, but I think a group of us running a half marathon would be so much fun – a fantastic life event to celebrate turning 30 next year, eek!

Getting a DSLR camera for Christmas has been the perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby, photography.  I love taking photos anyway, it’s part of my job, but feel that I need some help which is why I’ve enrolled in a photography course at the local college.  Another thing that I’ve set as a priority for 2016 is sorting out my finances and I’m going to have a big push at budgeting and saving this year.


  • Stop rushing, it doesn’t matter how long it takes because I will get there eventually
  • Realise that I do enough and I am enough
  • Trust my instincts more and stop second guessing
  • Pay attention to how things make me feel rather than drifting from one thing to the next
  • Be comfortable with who I am today, right this minute
  • Remember to be kind to myself and I’m doing the best I can
  • Continue to do what I love
  • Live for now and let the future take charge of itself – what will be will be!

Self-love and kindness will be a theme that I will be talking a lot about on the blog this year made it a key focus, particularly with how I would like to feel in 2016. Which is something that I’ve generally ignored.  Feeling more confident, self-assured in my capabilities is high on my list as well as feeling comforts me and happy with what life has in store for me. 

With my return setting monthly goals I’ve had a think about what I would like to achieve in January:

  • Add the finishing touches and promote my Project YOU challenge that launches next month
  • Complete my house-keeping to-do lists on the blog
  • Reduce (not cut out!!) my refined sugar and caffeine intake
  • Get back to eating wholesome and nourishing foods to regain some balance 
  • Budget!
  • Do more yoga and meditation
  • Finish reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Start my photography course
  • Save 10% of my total monthly income
  • Finish my tax return

I have a really good feeling about 2016 and cannot wait to see what it has in store for me and my family.  There is something magical about starting a new year and I hope you’re all designing a year you will love – make it awesome!

Have you set your goals for 2016 yet? What is your key focus for 2016?

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