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After stuffing our fridge to the brim over the festive period full of delicious treats, it was nice to return to normal eating again after the turn of the new year and I think my near to bursting fridge is rather relieved.  Throughout January, I’ve been working on giving my fridge a detox with the help of Laughing Cow Cheese – Extra Light and filled it with lots of healthy and nutritious goods to help whip up some tasty meals in my kitchen.  

Christmas feasting is great and I think the food is just brilliant at that time of year…gingerbread anyone? However, I think when the clock strikes the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, we all want to cut down (not restrict!) on the refined sugar and treats and put our best foot forward in January. 

I’m not really into detoxes (although I know that many swear by them), but I do like the idea of detoxing my fridge to replace the Christmas junk with more fresh ingredients to help me return to my normal patterns of eating.  All through January, I haven’t been on any faddy diets or detoxes but simply replaced the mince pies with more wholesome nourishing foods, adding in lots of nutrients rather than concentrating on cutting things out.  

To help me on my way I was kindly sent a bundle of goodies to help restock my fridge.  I’m a massive fan of eggs and they’re a staple in my house, nutrient dense and great to have on hand for quick healthy meals.  I’ve found the chocolate covered rice cakes perfect with my afternoon tea or after dinner to tame my sweet tooth.  Fresh ingredients like apples, rocket and tomatoes never go unused in my house – great for snacking, salads and adding some healthy goodness to my meals. 

Focusing on returning to my normal balanced eating rather than being fixated on cutting back and depriving my body of certain foods has really helped the transition from Christmas feasting to healthy balanced feasting.  I love my food and could never cut out chocolate, cake or pizza and I would laugh in the face at anyone that suggested that I should do it.  I think it’s all about what works for you and after a period of heavy eating things will soon start to level off again. 

Check out The Laughing Cow’s  and for some healthy snack recipe inspiration. 

How different does your fridge look post-Christmas?  Do you think that detoxes and fasts have a place in the healthy living world? 

*sponsored by Laughing Cow Cheese – Extra Light, but all opinions are my own

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