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So the first month of the new is up and it honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Normally, January drags, but I think because I injected so much newness into my routine it made it far more enjoyable.  

Talking of newness, I’m going to shake up my monthly recap post.  They’ve been following the same format or a could have years and I fancy a change, as well as the usual stuff now they will include my favourite products from the month, favourite OOTD and my monthly goals.  So quite a bumper post hopefully full of lots of good stuff at the end of each month.

What I Got up to in Jan

I didn’t make it to through the ballot for the London Marathon this year, but I made it one of my goals to run a half marathon and signed up to run the Reading Half Marathon.  April seems so far away, but I know that the months are going to whizz by (like always!) so I’ve laced up my trainers and been on a few runs, hoping to take it more seriously from next month.


Talking of fitness, I’ve also joined a new fitness class that I can actually do with Aiden, Pushchair Fitness! It’s an outdoor class and is very much weather dependent, but I love it and has been a great way to meet other mamas and get fit at the same time.  I think it’s really given me that extra push and motivation to ease myself out of my fitness rut and I’m feeling better for it. 

One of my big goals for 2016 is invest in myself and I’ve really put the wheels in motion starting with my photography course and I’m due to start a nutritionist course next month.  Both are really great courses, learning how to use my DSLR camera properly will hopefully improve my photography on the blog and nutrition is such a big focus in my life and I can’t wait to learn more in-depth about it. 

If you haven’t read this book then do!  A great start to my one book a month reading goal this year and I’m feeling very inspired.  I just love Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat.Pray.Love is a favourite of mine and now this is on the list too. 

Super exciting!  At the start of the year, my article for the Mail on Sunday supplement was published.  Always such a surreal feeling seeing your name and work in print. I was so chuffed with the way it came out. 

Favourite OOTD

Not really an outfit as such, more of an item of clothing.  My huge tartan blanket scarf from Zara is fab – it literally goes with anything!  I love wearing it to bundle up when it’s freezing cold outside. 

Favourite Reads From Around The Web

  •  – totally LOVE this!
  • 10 Ultimate Foods To Boost Your Immunity
  • Eating Healthy When You’re Short on Time – my top tips over on The Olive Fox!
  • – yep I can relate to some of these. 
  •  – make yourself a priority in 2016!
  • –  a great collection of articles encouraging us all to slow down. 

Favourite Products of the Month

Neals Yard Skincare Kit

Absolutely love this!  I wanted to change-up my skin care in the new year had looked at this brand for a while.  Initially, I bought the for my skin type but have since invested in the full sizes. 

Pure Maple

Really good quality and I’ve loved pouring it over my favourite waffles at the weekend. 

Easy Leggings With Print

I love bright patterned leggings and this pair from Wellicious that I was kindly sent are amazing.  Perfect to jazz up my fitness wardrobe now that I’m training for a half marathon. 

Monthly Goals for February

Isn’t it great when the first day of a new month starts on a Monday, it makes goal setting seem far more official!  

I did pretty well with January’s goals, however, I didn’t quite get round to tackling my blog housekeeping list, which seems to only get longer, not shorter. 

  • Launch Project YOU! – more details will be coming soon, but for now, you can sign up here! 
  • Read another book –   latest is next on my list. 
  • Complete my blog housekeeping to-do list
  • Officially start half marathon training
  • Continue to budget and save
  • Make plans for my 30th birthday next month – eeek!

Well, that’s my month in review and it wasn’t half bad!  I hope you all had a wonderful month and looking forward to what February has in store for you. 

How was the first month of 2016 for you?  Did you have any major highlights? What are your goals for February?

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