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With a little one in the house, it’s crazy how much the laundry piles up.  Since the washer machine feels like it’s on non-stop I’m very conscious of the impact that this is having on the environment and the amount of time it takes to finish the laundry these days.  

I’ve teamed up with , who produce a super effective natural laundry range to try to conquer our laundry routine. They sent me a 1.5-litre bottle of their Non-Biological Concentrated Laundry Liquid to review along with their Lighten The Load tips.

Of course, you can’t avoid the weekly laundry but there are ways to speed up the process.  I loved tip one from Ecover about running a wash with just hot water and a bottle of white vinegar.  At first this sounded wasteful to me, however, I’m a total convert.  Doing this removes any residue that may remain in your washing machine preventing your laundry looking in tip-top condition.  Going forward, I’m going to be performing this tip once a year to help maintain the quality of my washer machine.   

I’m a massive list maker and having a plan set out really makes me happy.  Using another tip from Ecover, I now have a laundry schedule in place where I wash whites, colours and towels and bedding on separate days throughout the week, making me feel more in control of the laundry.  Plus, it also means that I will be washing full loads which is more time and cost-effective. 

I’m not all passionate about doing the laundry, it’s actually my least favourite chore.  However, I am passionate about caring for the environment and cutting down my laundry time which Ecover’s tips have helped me achieve. 

What are your top tips to help reduce your laundry time?  Have you used Ecover before? 

*Commissioned post by Ecover, but all opinions are my own.

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