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I can’t believe that I’m writing this post so soon!  My little man is growing so fast and although I miss those newborn days because they’re so short-lived, seeing him become a little boy is the best.  I can no longer call him a baby, he’s grown into the cheekiest little toddler I know.  

Aiden is seriously a delight and he is developing so well.  Last month he had a couple of settling in sessions at his new nursery before he starts properly later this week. He wasn’t even bothered about being separated from me, in his typical style he just got on with it and carried on playing with the toys. All the playgroups that we’ve attended since he was 3 months old have definitely helped his social skills.  His favourite classes are sing and sign, swimming and we’ve recently discovered a lovely little playgroup that he also enjoys.

One word that describes Aiden perfectly is cheeky, he’s such a happy little boy who likes to keep himself busy. My kitchen cupboards are no longer safe – well, actually nothing is safe anymore because everything seems to spark his interest.  He’s always exploring, discovering and keeping us on our toes.   This boy loves music, singing and dancing too.  I’m so glad that we have camera phones now that record and capture these funny and special moments.


Language is a massive milestone at this age and AJ is doing brilliantly.  ‘No’ is his favourite word, but he can say so many other single words too.  We never know what he’s going to come out with next, including being able to count to 10!  Obviously, he’s just copying what we’re saying and doesn’t realise the significance of the numbers, but it’s still lovely to hear. 

There is a long overdue post on our baby led weaning journey coming up, but overall Aiden is doing really well with his food.  There is nothing that he won’t try,  he isn’t a fussy eater at all.  This past week he hasn’t really eaten much, but toddlers tend to go through phases where they stuff themselves silly and then barely eat anything at all, so I’m not worried. 

Some days I feel like we’re going backwards, Aiden still wakes in the night and recently this has been more often, meaning the challenging days are even more challenging when you’re sleep deprived! We still co-sleep, mainly because it’s the easiest option than trying to train him to sleep in his cot.  We’re still breastfeeding too, but I know this is only for comfort and not due to hunger.  I know in time these things will phase out as he gets older, but sometimes you do wonder if you will ever get there at all. 

As a mother, in some ways I finally know what I’m doing then there are other days where I feel like I’m just winging it.  Things are a little easier because Aiden is more independent, but equally, they are challenging too. Every day brings up something new that we haven’t come across before and it’s always a struggle knowing what to do for the best.  Recently, teething and tantrums have been an issue, but we muddle through and somehow get there in the end.  

What was/is your toddler getting up to at this age?

Ever feeling like your going backwards instead of forwards?  How do you deal with this? 

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