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One of the things when starting to pursue a healthier lifestyle which was important to me was learning to love my body and realising that being healthy goes beyond the way that I look.   It’s taken me a while to realise that I’m worth more than my curves and the number on the scales.  After always wanting to be like the other girls at school who (in my eyes) seemed to have the perfect figures and could wear anything they wanted, learning to love my curves is quite a feat for me. 

The media has forever frowned upon curvier and larger shapes.  However, I’m a firm believer that all body shapes are beautiful, whether you are naturally super slim or have more curves.  Whatever your shape you’re fabulous because your shape doesn’t define who you are.  There’s no need to try to fit in or try to meet societies warped idea of perfect because it doesn’t exist.  You’re gorgeous just the way you are and should be proud of your flaws because these are what make you uniquely beautiful – hell, the world would be boring if we were all cut from the same cloth!

These days, especially the changes that my body has my lumps and bumps no longer scare me and I have embraced them fully. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not immune to ‘fat days’ and still have my off days like every other girl out there, but deep down I know that with many trying to look the same my curves are what make me different and I’m happy with that.  

I’ve also realised that it’s great to have curves, but my previous and now scary workout routine suggested the contrary. Now I know that it’s not necessary for me to work out and kill myself in the gym.   For sure, I don’t have the time for that lifestyle anymore and I realised at that time I didn’t have a healthy attitude towards exercise.  I was exercising to be slimmer rather than concentrating on being healthy. Instead, my workout routine is based on gentle cardio, yoga and strength training, which just works so much better for me now. These days I’m very much about going with the flow where my exercise routine is concerned.  It’s full of the things that I love and really varied to keep me interested.  Rethinking my priorities has meant that doing the best for my body and being happy has become my main focus, as it should be. 

As a young impressionable teen, I was always concerned about wanting to be smaller.  I have never had an eating disorder, but there was a time in my life when I was obsessive about everything I consumed in order try to fit in with societies ideals.  I was trying to convince myself that I was a boyish rectangle trapped in an hourglass body.  Despite what the media has to say (and personally I don’t care!) there is nothing wrong with any shape and any size. No shape is more superior than another.  All shapes are beautiful.  Also, I want to highlight that there is nothing wrong with someone wanting to be slimmer as long as it’s for the right reasons and they are not causing themselves any harm. 

At the moment, I am at a healthy weight for my frame, a little bigger than my pre-pregnancy body, but I gave birth to a small human so you know – two fingers to the media for promoting celebrities instantly snapping right back into shape after pregnancy!  I’ve learnt to appreciate my curves, embrace them and love them.  It has been a long journey, but I’ve finally made peace with my body shape.  I figured whether I am smaller or larger I will always have curves as that is how my frame is supposed to be.  They are not going to go anywhere so I might as well learn to live with them and my hubby likes my curves, which is lovely and makes me happy!

Despite my woes and off days at the end of it all I do take note that my figure or the way I look doesn’t define who I am and there is so much more out there with more significance like loved ones and my friends.  The media insist on bombarding our every day with celebrity diets, quick fixes and how they think we should look.  Their idealised visions are often unattainable for most and make us believe that our bodies are inadequate and need serious reconstruction.  I’ve learned to accept myself and the way I look, stretch marks, belly jiggle and all!