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Since becoming a mum, this is the first time in a long time that I’m finally starting to feel like my old self.  Becoming a mum is strange, although you’re the same person it instantly changes you, you’re the same but different.  Along with your whole world being turned upside down and getting to grips with your new version of normal with your precious babe you naturally put yourself at the bottom of the priority list.

Rather than picking out a pretty outfit or wearing your best dress, practical and functional rules the outfit choices.  My general opinion was that I’m going to be smothered in some kind of baby related stains at some point in my day, so what’s the point in making an effort with my clothes.  A uniform of jeans and a top was my everyday choice of outfit and I never spent any money on myself unless I needed too because baby clothes are way cuter anyway.

Over the past few months and now that Aiden is more independent, I’ve turned some of my attention to looking after myself better.  First thing on my list was to tackle my wardrobe.  I have a more detailed post coming up about this but I really believe that identifying your own personal style is an important action of self-care. Feeling comfortable in your clothes can be a major confidence boost and with confidence, you feel empowered to pursue opportunities and avenues that you possibly otherwise would have left unexplored.

My underwear was in desperate need of an overhaul.  My tired old breastfeeding bras went in the bin and have been replaced with my much preferred pretty and vintage style choices.  Updating my underwear drawer swiftly snowballed to updating my wardrobe.  I didn’t want to splurge on anything and everything so I made note of pieces that my wardrobe was missing and stuck to creating a capsule wardrobe.  I tried to keep to neutral tones that work well together and with what I already own , however, a few bolder pieces caught my eye that I just couldn’t resist.

1. Denim dress, Zara //2.Twill Shorts, //3.Nude Flip Flops, Kurt Gieger//4. Striped Midi Pencil Dress, //5.Hiedi Oxford Shirt, House of Fraser//6.Woven Scarf, //7.Sleeveless Blouse, //8. Light Denim Jacket, //9.Flat Metallic Roman Sandals, Zara//10.Multicoloured Stripe V-Neck Cami (I got the dress version), //11.Jersey Top (various colours), // 12.Superstretch Trousers, // 13. Blue Stripe Frill Midi Dress,

There are still some gaps that I’m working on, but I’m really happy with how my wardrobe is looking at the moment. I’ve also stocked up on some basic vest tops and accessories like statement necklaces to jazz up my outfits.  I’m not really a follower of fashion, I just choose to buy things because I like them and if it’s in fashion that’s a bonus but not really the point for me.  All of these items were bought with convenience in mind, things that I can throw on with no real effort required which is great for when I’m pushed for time.


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