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Living a healthy life is all about instilling a series of healthy habits into your daily routine which are good and unique to your body. We all hear about how to create healthy habits to help you live well and feel great, but what about the unhealthy habits, how do we break them? 

We all have bad habits that we would like to lose, but these can be difficult to break.  Unhealthy habits can be subjective, something that feels negative to one person may seem like a positive behaviour.  However, there are also those unhealthy habits that are simply black and white such as smoking – we all know how damaging this is to our health. Whether you want to give up smoking or cut your refined sugar intake, changing these negative behaviour patterns can have a major impact on your health and well-being for the better. 

Here are top 5 tips to help you beat your unhealthy habits, hopefully for good:

5 Top Ways To Break Unhealthy Habits

Start at the beginning and find out what triggers these unhealthy habits

Listening to our bodies and understanding what causes us to make certain choices is the best place to start when you are thinking about making a change.  Identifying key triggers that make you behave a certain way is the key to breaking them, especially because most of the time we repeat unhealthy habits without even knowing why we are doing them. 

Go steady & make small changes

Forming new habits is the easy part, but breaking old habits is much harder.   Although we want to end our bad habits right away, the best way to make sure that we maintain positive behaviors is to make small changes and work our way up.  Rather than trying to change the world in one day, start small and be gentle with yourself.  For example, if you’re trying to cut your refined sugar intake try to reduce the quantities that you use or eat rather than cut it out completely. This means that you’re more likely to make a positive change and not fall back into unhealthy habits again. 

Keep a Healthy Habits Tracker

Writing things down gives them more permanence and makes them feel more official. Keep a journal or writing down your progress with your new healthy habits lets you see where you can make improvements and celebrate any breakthroughs.  Also, who doesn’t like writing in a super pretty notebook? 

Change Your Mindset About Your Unhealthy Habits

When we’re so used to making unhealthy or bad habits for our body we usually see them as a positive thing, like providing comfort or making us feel happy.  Try and turn your mindset on its head about these unhealthy habits by thinking about them in a negative way and how much better you are going to feel without them in your life. 

5 Top Ways To Break Unhealthy Habits

Punishment For Your Unhealthy Habits

Money is a fabulous motivator for making us do things, so a fine jar is a brilliant idea to help you combat your unhealthy habits.  Each time you or someone else catches you slipping up, put some money into the ‘fine jar’ as a punishment.  Equally, you should reward yourself for your good behaviour for sticking to your healthy habits.  

As I previously mentioned, breaking an unhealthy habit is harder to achieve than starting up. It’s all about taking each day as it comes and making small steps in the right direction. The most important thing is to just start and slowly and even though you may meet some stumbling blocks on the way, you’ve already set those healthy wheels in motion. 

Do you have any healthy habits that you would like to break?  How did you go about breaking them?

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