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Well, September what a beautiful month you’ve been. I love the first day of September, that back to school vibe is in the air and it’s a great time to renew and refresh things in your work and home life and selfcare practises.  This is definitely something that I’ve focused on over the last few weeks and have introduced things like affirmation cards and tracking my food and healthy habits to help me stay accountable and make the right choices for my body.  Safe to say, these have been really great for me and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in more with these and speaking about them on the blog in more soon.

Isn’t it great that Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back in our lives?  I’ll be honest, I’m not a massive coffee drinker, but I will buck that trend when PSL’s are back in town. I had my first one while reading my copy of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well – what a big fat cliché!

Getting back to some selfcare practices has been the theme of the month and I’ve treated myself to flowers, new books (ironically about selfcare) and getting my hair done.  I’ve really felt the benefits of taking care of myself and how this has affected my work and home life.  I’m feeling better and more settled after our move, things seem to be coming together at the moment and it feels great.

This little boy is just having a ball at the moment (apart from the sickness bug he had at the weekend)!  He seems to have adjusted to his new environment and started at his new nursery this month which so far has gone pretty well.  He now goes for 2 full days as opposed to 2 half days like before, it’s a big step up for him and for me – by 2pm I start to miss him!  We’ve had some lovely days out to the zoo, country parks and it’s great having my family so nearby.  I can’t believe that he’s turning 2 on Monday, the time has just flown over! 

I think I’ve found my new favourite place to eat, Hackwood Farm is seriously a foodies paradise. I just love places like this, full of fresh local ingredients, good food and lots of tea and cake.  We even got the chance to feed the farm animals which obviously the little man loved. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on behind the scenes…an ebook!  I’m hoping to get it finished later next month (fingers crossed!) and ready to share with you all. I’m so excited about sharing it with you all!  I also finally registered my limited company and making steps in expanding my business, which I will talk more about when more things are set in stone.  Additionally, I’m going to be giving some talks later this year on health and wellness, which is pretty exciting stuff!  So, there is a lot going on here at moment. 

Over in my , some of the fabulous ladies are joining me in a 30 Day Shred Challenge that we started this Monday. It’s going great so far and I’m interested to see if any physical results come of it.  Please feel free to join us, especially if you’re looking for some support, tips or just a chat. 

Goals For October

I don’t have too many goals for next month, just a few that I would like to get done and sorted. 

  • Finish and launch the ebook 
  • Start planning for Christmas (I know I said the C word!)
  • Celebrate Aiden’s and Alfie’s birthday’s 
  • Complete the 30 Day Shred Challenge
  • Read 2 books
  • Contact some local businesses 
  • Sort out my business accounts once and for all!

How was September for you?  Do you have anything exciting coming up next month?

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