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Definitely, since starting my blog my food choices have totally evolved.  I’m eating chia seeds, nutritional powders, raw chocolate, nut butter in abundance, coconut based products and other foods that I would have never dreamed of eating a few years ago.  Also, I have a much more rounded approach to my fitness and how I’m fuelling my body – I really think I’ve found my balance over the past few years.  Balance is key for me and although this may not work for everyone, it works perfectly for me.  I need cake in my life, let’s face it, a life without cake would be boring! 

Personally, I think that nothing but positive things can be derived from societies plea for healthier eating and the mission to combat obesity.  However, what I have noticed and this is something that really pisses me off, is that a small minority of us are now beginning to become morally obsessed with our food choices, particularly with the rise of the ‘clean eating brigade’. 

Ever been faced with a dilemma in the morning over what to eat for breakfast?  You have a taste for toast topped with Nutella, but your conscience is screaming that a green smoothie loaded with greens and much more nutritional value would be a far better choice – who is to say which choice is more inferior?  Each has to be taken in context.  OK, so Nutella isn’t the healthiest of choices, but as part of a wholesome and balanced diet there is no harm to be had here.  I for one love Nutella or Biscoff spread and will never cut it out of my diet. It doesn’t have an everyday presence in my life, but every now and again I do like a spoonful straight from the jar. 

It’s quite worrying that we seem to swing from one extreme to the other.  On one hand, there is the encouragement to help others eat better and then there is the habit of demonizing somebody’s food choices just because it doesn’t sit well with another’s personal preferences.  Honestly, and I hold my hands up here I am guilty of this myself, often tagging my green smoothies on Instagram as ‘starting the day the right way…‘ and polishing my healthy living halo afterward.  There is a lot of this in the blogging world and so many of us fall into a comparison trap as a result.  Those who are not exclusive enough to be a member of the priestly camp of the organic, low carb and ethically sourced food can often feel inferior as a result of their own food choices.  Healthy eating should not be considered to be so one-directional when in fact, it is multi-directional, personal and unique to every person.

Surrounding yourself with people who share the same food ethos as you is great, but it’s also important to respect other people’s choices that are contrary to your own.  Fair enough there are a plethora of moral issues that surround food, like supplies to third world countries, but this shouldn’t attach itself to lifestyle choices.  We should be supportive and encouraging (as long as no psychological or physical harm is a result) of people’s choices and lend a hand when they are asking for help or feel like they need an extra push.  At the end of the day, we’re all individuals with our own lives and ideas of what healthy should be.  The focus should lie with leading a happy and balanced life and not belittle someone’s food choices simply because it’s dissimilar to your own.

How do you feel about superiority in food choices?  Have you ever felt judged because of the food choices that you have made?

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