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my sleep diary

How I wish for a restful night’s sleep.  Sleep deprivation has become a norm for me since becoming a parent a few years ago and 80% of the time it doesn’t seem to bother me too much. You just get on with your day because you have no choice, which I know a lot of other parents can easily relate to.  However, there is the other 20% of the time where there are some days I feel like I need to go back to bed before I’ve even had a chance to get my breakfast ready.  

Last month I was asked to take part in a sleep experiment with to track my sleep over the course of a week using the S+ by ResMed, a non-less sleep tracker that helps to improve your sleep.   Each morning over the week I wrote in my sleep diary with notes on how I felt after waking up, what I during the day and my general wellbeing.  The sleep tracker produces a report each morning after you wake via an app on your smartphone.  

Here’s my sleep diary over the course of the week:



I’d been feeling exhausted and run down all weekend and decided to get an early night, however, I still didn’t feel 100%, especially since I was woken up a couple of times by my 1-year-old and we still co-sleep, throughout half the night.  I woke up at 6am to get some work done early on before getting ready to take my little boy to visit his grandparents.  My little one decided not to nap in the afternoon, which meant an afternoon of playing, singing and getting some house chores done, a yoga workout.  Thankfully, he fell asleep at 7.30pm after bath time, which meant I could stay up late and finish some work.  After three hours, I decided to call it a night and went to bed at midnight, knowing that I would wake up early the next day. 


Totally shocked by the results from last night’s sleep, the fact that I was only got 4 hours of real sleep last night was really interesting. It definitely made me determined to improve my sleep score.  Instant feeling of tiredness and had a bit of a headache when I woke up.  No real plans for the day other than the grocery shop because this was a designated day off work, although I did end up replying to my emails and doing some admin later.  The afternoon was difficult because my little boy didn't nap again when I was hoping to catch up on some sleep.  After the bedtime routine, I settled down and watched Great British Bake Off with the intention of getting to bed at 10.30pm, but this turned more into 11pm. 



Definitely feeling more human again this morning and my little boy only woke up once in the night, which I think helped for a more restful sleep. Really happy to see that my sleep score has improved by 10 points, which is reflects on how better I feel today.  An early start getting my little boy ready for his day at nursery and a busy day of work ahead of me with lots of client projects and admin to complete.  Managed to do my workout, which set me up and made me feel energised for the day.  Ended up going to bed quite late and woken up in the night by my little boy.


Feeling very drained and exhausted again this morning, another couple of hours sleep would have been nice. Even though I had less sleep than the night before, I felt that it was much deeper so expected to feel better that I did.  Up early to do the nursery run and have a full day of work ahead.  I did some yoga, which helped me to feel a little more energised before I started my working day.  Felt really energised after the bedtime routine for some reason, so decided to so some more work.  Headed to bed a few hours later to catch up on my sleep so that I felt well rested for the weekend. 



Felt much more rested this morning and happy to see that my sleep core had dramatically improved.  My little boy slept better last night, which understandably seems to correlate with the quality of my own sleep.  Since I was so tired from the poor sleep from the previous night I seemed to have fewer disruptions. I was also conscious of trying to stay off social media so late at night as well, which is something that I’m going to work on this weekend. We had a lovely lunch at a local farm and fed the animals before heading home to a relaxing afternoon watching movies.  I stayed off social media for most of the day and did a lot of reading and took an afternoon nap instead. 


Feeling thankful that I made the decision to go to bed early, as my little boy was sick in the night so spent some time tending to him and settling him back down in our bed – although I felt like I was sleeping well up until this point.  I was up in the night a few times after this. Feeling a little tired this morning and woke up at around 7am, not getting the longer lie in that I had hoped for.  Spent the day tending to my son who was quite ill with vomiting and a high temperature and feeling stressed. I also had a cat nap later in the afternoon. We all ended up going to bed together pretty early due to a draining day.


The early night meant that I slept really well and my little boy had a great nights sleep too, which is great!  Feeling really good this morning, but still worried about Aiden and his sickness, but he seems to be doing better.  Managed to fit in my HIIT workout before breakfast and we had the electricians come around for half of the morning to do some work. Decided to stay in today as it was raining all day, but managed to have a productive nap time working. Feeling really sleepy around 8pm and headed to bed at 10.30pm for an early night after falling asleep on the sofa and felt really good the next morning.


You can read sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows analysis of my sleep diary and helpful suggestions .

*Post commissioned by Bensons For beds, but all opinions are my own. 

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