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Do you have a morning routine?  I always thrive best when I’m working to a set routine, as a creature of habit I always like to know what I’m doing and when, perhaps that’s a bit OCD, but you know! 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could start each and every day on a positive vibe?  A brand new morning sets the tone for the rest of your day and having a routine in place that encourages happiness and mindfulness is useful for creating a wonderful energy to see you through the day.  Perhaps you’re not a morning person and your alarm clock fills you with dread, a morning routine that is centred around self care will help ease you into your day.

I’m pretty precious about my morning self care routine because I know how great it makes me feel and even thinking about printing it out to stick to my notice board in my office.  Slowing things down and making self care a priority in the mornings means that I have more energy in my day for other things because I’ve taken some time for myself, rather than just rushing straight into the day.  

Obviously, I’m far from perfect and implementing these self care practices into my routine has taken lots of practise before they became a habit. However, I really am thankful that I dedicated the time to find a slower and loving routine that worked for me and it feels good to start each morning with these rituals.

Get Up Early

Yes, I’m one of those annoying early risers that actually likes waking up in the morning.   I always get up an hour earlier before anyone else in my house to take pleasure in a silent house and the calm before Aiden wakes up.  My productivity is the greatest in the morning, hence my need to wake up earlier to make the most of it.   I’m going to give the a try soon because it sounds like my bag!

Rising earlier has so many advantages and I love that smug feeling of knowing that I’ve got loads done before the day officially starts. 

Stay Off Social Media

This was a massive one for me.  I began to get really concerned about how connected I was to social media towards the end of last year.  The urge to check my phone as soon as I woke was quite irksome and I knew that something had to change.  The overwhelm of it all became a headache, so I turned off the notifications off all the social media apps on my phone and instantly felt better.  There is nothing beneficial in checking my social media first thing and now I have more space in my morning for more gentle rituals that are more life enriching. 

Think About Today’s Intentions

So what do I do now that I’m not attached to my phone so early in the morning?  Before getting up I lie quietly in bed and set my intentions for the day. This can actually be an empowering experience, it always makes me feel excited when I have an awesome day planned. I always make sure that my intentions have a positive spin on them to start the day on the right foot. 


With the help of some guided meditations by using apps like and , this is something that I’m becoming better at.  It’s still a work in progress but making time in my morning to meditate gives me a feeling of calm and focuses my thoughts on the day ahead.  Plus, it’s seriously relaxing and helps to create a . 

Warm Water With Lemon Elixir

Every morning without fail, before I eat or drink anything I make myself a glass of warm water and lemon.  I mix boiled water from the kettle with some cold water and add a slice of lemon.  This has been a morning ritual for so long now that I don’t even have to think about it.  This magic morning elixir helps to flush out any toxins and can help to ease and digestive discomfort. I love it!

A brand new morning sets the tone for the rest of your day and having a routine in place that encourages happiness and mindfulness is useful for creating a wonderful energy to see you through the day.

A Satisfying Breakfast

I don’t know how people who don’t eat breakfast do it.  Starting the day with a satisfying breakfast is a massive part of my day and I doubt I could function properly without it. Fuelling yourself with a nourishing breakfast is very important and whatever it is you like to eat in the morning try to make it an enjoyable mindful experience everyday.  

An important point to remember is to make your routine flexible. I know it’s a cliché, but life does get in the way sometimes, so there may be periods where you can only do parts of you morning self care rituals, but that’s OK.  As a mum of an energetic toddler, I have to change things around a lot. Not so long a go the thought of not being able to complete something would have left me feeling like a failure.  I’m much kinder to myself now and realise that there are times where my energy is needed more elsewhere and to just let it go, which itself is also a massive act of self care and love. 

What do your morning self care rituals involve?

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