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Tired of the cold dark days of winter yet?  This time of year can be totally miserable for some, the complete opposite to the jolly festivities of December that has just passed.  Every year I fall in love with the beauty of autumn, however after Christmas I’m always left feeling a little deflated and living under the grey clouds of winter just seems drawn out and a bit grim.

We spend so much time indoors during the colder months and we forget to look after ourselves.  However, it’s when we’re feeling low and stuck in a funk that practising self-care is the most important.   Even though we’re spending more time at home and it’s constantly dark and wet outside, it doesn’t meant that we can’t still feel good.  Taking joy in our surroundings, being gentle with yourself and creating special moments is especially important during winter, which can be emotionally and mentally draining.  

I’m not a massive fan of this time of year, and as I wait for the brighter days of spring I’ve been taking comfort in my winter care kit that I turn to. It’s full of my favourite winter essentials that help me get through these colder months with a joyful heart and make me feel good.

Beautiful Bright Flowers

I’m a massive fan of gifting myself flowers as a little treat from me to me and one of my intentions this year to buy myself a beautiful bunch of flowers every week. I think it’s so important to show yourself some gratitude for all that you do, you truly deserve. These spring blooms are adding a bright pop of colour in my home, while it remains grey and dull outside. 

Scented Candles

Lighting candles are a must for me to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere in my home.  I’m quite the scented candle hoarder and like them in every room to give it that cosy feel that I crave at this time of year. 

Cosy Luxury Pajamas

Spending more time indoors, naturally for me means that I’m going to be spending more time in my pajamas. I do love a set of luxury pajamas, just because I’m lazing about on the sofa I can still look remotely decent doing it. Plus, there is something rather indulgent about lounging around in a silk PJ set and what a lovely gift to buy yourself.

A Good Book

There is nothing like getting some down time and escaping the word with your head in a book for a while.  My Amazon wishlist is as long as my arm at the moment, but I’m slowly working my way through it with a cosy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate.

Cosy Knitted Blankets

A big part of feeling cosy for me are having lots of beautiful knitted blankets around the home to to wrap up warm in. They are the perfect thing to have on standby if you’re having a Netflix marathon and so perfectly too. 

Fairy Lights

Like candles, fairy lights are an easy way to create a soothing atmosphere in the home. I have them pretty much everywhere in my house and I love the warm golden light that they bring to a room. 

Cooking Something New

Doing my weekly meal plan always feels exciting to me as it’s the perfect excuse to try something new that I would never perhaps thought of cooking before.  Cooking a lovely meal and sharing it with friends and family is such a heart warming experience that will definitely make you feel good.

Lots of Warm Drinks

Am I the only one who thinks that a warm drink feels like a hug in a mug?  They are instantly comforting!  Tea is my go-to, but I might treat myself to a hot chocolate now and then.

A Long Walk

I love being outdoors, especially if I’ve been cooped up for too long. Our National Trust membership has got lots of use and there is nothing like a long walk to blow off those cobwebs and feel good again.

What are your winter self-care essentials?

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