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One of the myths about healthy eating is that it’s really expensive.  The supermarkets with their bargaintastic prices down the junk food aisles don’t help – apples tend to be more expensive than chocolate bars.  Crazy!

What makes buying healthy food seem expensive is when you incorporate superfood powders, supplements and protein powders and all of those other wonderful additions to your healthy lifestyle.  But that’s just it, they are simply additions and not essential.  Eating fruit, veg, protein, wholegrain carbs, healthy fats and being active is all you really need.

There are many ways to beat the system when it comes to buying healthier options in the supermarkets and lots of ways that eating well doesn’t have to make your bank account recoil into a state of depression.  Below I’ve listed some of my top tips on how to eat healthy on a budget, which I also filmed for my :

Stockpile promotional items

As and when your budget allows when the supermarkets host promotional offers on items which you use often, take advantage and buy in bulk.  In the long run, you will save money.  I tend to do this with items such as almond milk, tuna, meat, and pulses.

Buy dried beans and lentils

Although buying dried beans and lentils seems nothing more than hard work when you can buy them in a tin, they are actually better value for money.  You definitely get more bang for your buck and they are really easy to cook – just soak overnight and boil them.

Check out the reduced meat section

This perhaps is my most favourite part of the grocery shop.  I love having a gander at the reduced meat.  I’ve picked up venison steaks, duck breasts, poussins and whole chickens before at reduced prices.  The best thing is, even if you don’t need the meat at the time you can fill up your freezer with meat to use at a later date.  As long as it’s used within 3 months you should be fine.

Batch cook

Many of my weekends are spent in the kitchen batch cooking soups and stews to fill up my freezer.  Not only does it mean that I always have something healthy and tasty on hand, it makes one week’s grocery shop stretch over a couple of weeks as use up my frozen delicious batch cooked treasures.

Meal plan

In the past, I’ve never been one to plan out my meals, but in recent weeks it’s really helped me stay organised during busy weeks at work.  Also, by creating a meal plan it simultaneously creates a shopping list.  Therefore, you only need to buy food that is needed for your meal plan to work and no unnecessary items should end up in your trolley.

Take advantage of the discount supermarkets

Places like Aldi and Lidl are often frowned upon in terms of the quality of their food.  However, when I made my first visit a few years ago I was really impressed, especially with the quality and low prices of the fresh fruit and vegetables.  I’ve done my weekly shops at Aldi, over the past few months and always surprised by the healthy things that you can pick up, which I shared in a . 

I think with a bit of savvy shopping, healthy eating can be achieved on a tight budget or if you are looking to save some money.  

How do you find the cost of healthy living?  Do you have any budget-friendly tips to share?

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