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Sometimes it’s nice to slave over the hob and cook something from scratch, however, it can be equally as satisfying pouring from a packet too.  Recently I’ve been taking pleasure in buying some healthier pre-made foods to help bring some ease into my kitchen and life when things get a bit busy.  

We’ve all been there, after a tough day at work the last thing you want to do is cook a meal. Those takeaway menus are calling your name and it’s so tempting to ring for your favourite curry.  There’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with a takeaway, however, we all know that homemade food is better for us.  When we don’t have time to cook from scratch a dinner that is half made using pre-prepared ingredients is far healthier than a takeaway.  I used to avoid pre-prepared food like the plague, but now I realise that they too can have a place in leading a balanced and nourished life.  

I’m sharing  my favourite healthier pre-made foods in my latest video:

Do you think pre-prepared foods have a place in a happy balanced life? What pre-made foods regularly appear in your grocery shop?