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As a population, we are becoming more aware of the importance of self care and the impact that making time for ourselves can have on our wellbeing.   However, with everything in life and especially in the realms of wellness at the moment, I fear that some people just don’t get what self care is really about and assume that the popularisation of ‘me time’ is making people lazy.

Lounging in your pajamas, with a tub of ice cream for one and a Netflix box set is about more than avoiding the massive pile of laundry that you haven’t touched for weeks.  Giving yourself the permission to ‘tune out’ for a while and focus just on you is a way to recharge your batteries and fill up your cup.  It should never be looked on as selfish or lazy because it’s an act of kindness to yourself and a necessity.  

Perhaps it’s this mindset that is causing you to neglect your own self care practice? 

In today’s fast-paced society, everything tends to be all about work and planning for the future, sadly we don’t focus on rest and playfulness enough.  Taking your foot off the pedal doesn’t make you a failure and taking some time out doesn’t make you lazy.  In fact, if you don’t make any time for yourself, the chances are that you will end up with a massive dose of burnout.

I think it’s time to blow up the mindset around laziness because looking after your emotional health is just as important as your physical health.  Self care isn’t about being lazy, it’s about making yourself a priority and nurturing a positive relationship with your mind and body by practicing kind acts and making more space for joy.   

To give out you need to receive something to refill your stores.  When I make the time to refill my cup, it actually makes me more productive, which may sound counter-intuitive to some.  However, I would like to argue that when I carry on throughout my day working without any rest, the brain fog creeps in, I feel lethargic and demotivated.  Taking a break by going for a walk, reading, stretching, whatever feels good at the time, helps to restore my energy levels and interest in what I’m doing.  My brain and body feel rejuvenated and I can then focus on my work with more vigour had I not taken some time out just for me. 

Moreover, when we’re stressed and run down our turns up the volume and this is when we need to take note and amplify our self care.  When we’re over-worked, it’s in these moments when we tend put limitations on ourselves, have reduced confidence and low self-esteem.  Practicing self care shows to ourselves that we are valuable and worthy of compassion and our own care.   

As an advocate of self care, I’m not perfect and there are times when I don’t prioritise my own emotional health. These are the times when I check myself and pull back to be present in my life to live it and enjoy it. I’ve done this a lot recently and found that reducing the times I post on the blog each week so I could create more valuable content has also made space in my life for self care and looking after my emotional health.

Self care should be a massive part of everyone’s life, it can have a significant impact on how we show up in our lives and affects who we are as a person.  I reiterate self care isn’t about creating a nation of couch potatoes or being selfish, it’s a deliberate act of kindness towards yourself to take care of your wellbeing, and subsequently being able to give your 100% to your loved ones.

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