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I would like to think of myself as a happy-go-lucky kind of gal,  the one that always finds the silver lining in every cloud, who’s cup is always halfway full.  However, it would be untrue of me to say that I was this upbeat all the time and unrealistic.  Sometimes my mood dips, I feel out of sorts, discouraged, it feels like the universe doesn’t have my back.  When I find myself in a funk my motivation is non-existent, I’m snappy, low on energy and want to hibernate and disengage with life in general. 

No matter how positive our mindset, we all suffer from these moments from time to time.  Bad days are as normal as night and day, they’re human nature.  What is important is not to dwell on them for too long or get sucked into the shadows.  When we’re in a funk and vulnerable, our inner critic turns up the volume tenfold, which can mean lost opportunities and feelings of unworthiness.  Persistently being in a funk and not feeling like yourself can be harmful to your health and wellbeing. In these times, I look within and harness my inner cheerleader to lend a supportive hand to get me back on track.  Of course, there are some situations where simply “putting on your positive pants” just isn’t enough. In these situations, I would seriously advise seeking some professional help.  

When I’m not feeling quite like myself there are some rituals and habits that I like to practice which help me to unleash my inner cheerleader to give me that much-needed lift and help me out of a funk. 

Connect with someone who makes you feel amazing 

There is something to be said about a ‘problem shared is a problem halved‘ – it’s so true!  When we talk aloud about what is bothering and causing us upset it feels like a massive relief and makes things less daunting.  Confide in your best friend, neighbour, mum, dad, partner, sister, brother, someone who makes you feel incredible.  When we’re feeling low, sometimes we tend to isolate ourselves and talking it out can make a big difference instead of mulling things over in your own head.  Getting things out in the open can feel like instant therapy because you have unloaded everything and feel less alone. 

Imagine carrying a heavy rucksack full of rocks that are breaking your back as you try to make it up a steep hill.  Sharing the weight of the bag with someone else will instantly feel better and you’ll be able to make it up the hill comfortably without a struggle.  Similarly, unloading your thoughts will have the same uplifting effect to clear your head of the negativity and make room for more happiness.

Create a Self Care Tool Kit

During my balance workshop that I ran with the other week, she mentioned that she has a self care tool kit that she refers too when she is feeling low.  Well, I just loved this idea and have created my own, which I will be sharing on the blog soon – watch this space!  A self care toolkit is a collection of things or rituals that you can turn too when you’re not feeling yourself and need to show yourself some kindness.  It can include anything that helps to bring more joy, calm and ease into your life when you’re struggling.  

Take Action & Do Something That Makes Your Heart Sing 

When you’re in a funk, it’s so easy to sit there and drown in your own pity party.  This is going to do nothing for your mood, if anything, it’s going to make you feel worse.  Dust yourself off and get stuck into something that makes you feel good.  A spa day would be great, however, that’s not very kind to the bank balance and may not be able to happen right away. Dancing around your kitchen to your favourite songs, going for a walk in a beautiful park, or yoga, anything that normally puts a smile on your face can help you reconnect with your inner cheerleader to pep yourself back up again. 

Write Down Everything That You Are Thankful For

I’m big on showing some daily gratitude and make sure that I have a section dedicated in my bullet journal just for this.  It’s a great ritual to practice because writing down the wonderful things that you have in your life reinforces that even though you’re not OK right now, there is always something amazing in your life.  I find my gratitude list heart warming and comforting, it brings a smile to my face when I remember all the amazingness in my life.  

Feel The Way You Want To Feel

Sometimes, we need to just ride the wave of emotions that a funk brings to get it done with quickly.  Not always, but it can help to fully embrace your emotions when you’re feeling down, go through the storm and come out the other side hopefully brighter and more like yourself.   A good cry can actually become a positive experience because you’re allowing yourself to wave goodbye and let go of the negativity. However, don’t stay fixated on these emotions, once you’ve let it all out, move on.

It’s horrible when you’re in a funk, but it’s important to remember that they do eventually pass.  Our inner cheerleader is that little voice in our head that’s like a supportive friend that tells us that everything is going to be OK when we’re scared and encourages us to keep trying when we feel like giving up.  It tells us that we’re amazing even when we’re not feeling so hot about ourselves.  These practices and rituals are what enable me to refind my inner peace, which gets lost when I’m in a funk.   They help to spark an inner joy that awakens my inner cheerleader that gets me back on my feet fighting again.

What rituals and habits do you practice to get yourself out of a funk?

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