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Being massively into self care and knowing how great it feels to fill your cup back up, my mind was totally blown by self care toolkit that she spoke about in our recent and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have one myself.  It makes perfect sense to have a collection of items or an action plan in place for when you’re not quite feeling yourself and need that extra support to make you feel fabulous again.

I’ve been thinking about what I would put in my self care toolkit and even though I didn’t have anything set in stone until now, there were some things that indeed help me feel better when I find myself in a funk and out of balance. Interestingly, I found that it really depends on the time of day and my current mood as to what will work and may change depending on where I am on the spectrum of feeling unbalanced;  whether that be anxious or overwhelmed.  However, there are a couple of staples that are necessary in my arsenal when I need to be kinder to myself. 

Something Warm & Cosy

Cocooning myself in comfortable clothes or snuggling in a blanket on the sofa watching a Netflix box set creates such a happy warming atmosphere.  Sometimes pulling up your positive pants just isn’t enough while you work through these emotions.  In these times, there is nothing better when you’re feeling out of sorts than to take a step back from life for a while and find a cosy space to relax and hibernate, while you gently get yourself back on track.  

A Calming Space

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and the brain fog sets in, a cluttered space only tends to bring on a headache.  I love light and airy spaces and try to ensure that my home remains clutter free as possible.  This may sound impossible with a toddler, however having a couple of toy boxes where you can dump things quickly can help.  I also try to have regular declutters every couple of months purge to the house of unwanted goods and donate to charity, sell or just throw things away.  I already blogged about how dumping the crap made me feel awesome .

Candles & Soft Lighting

Scented candles are one of the things that I regularly buy when I want to treat myself and I always have one burning on my desk when I’m working.  They create such a relaxing and calming atmosphere and of course, smell divine. Scents can have an uplifting effect on our mood, especially if they are familiar and remind us happier times.  Fairy lights can also have the same effect and I have these scattered around the house too. 

A Go-To Easy Recipe Or Frozen Ready Meal

The last thing you want to do is slave away in the kitchen for hours over a hot stove cooking when you’re not feeling great.  I have a couple of quick and easy pasta dishes that I like to cook on these occasions and make sure that I always have the ingredients stocked. If that fails and I really can’t be bothered a frozen ready meal for dinner works just as well.   

Beautiful Fresh Blooms

Like candles, I love my house to be filled with beautiful fresh flowers.  I always make sure that I add a bunch to the weekly shopping list, nothing fancy just a cheap bunch from the supermarket.  Not only do they brighten up my home, they also remind me that even though I may be struggling there is still good in my life and these ugly feelings will pass. 

Good Mood Food

We talk about nourishing your body, but food is also there to nourish your soul too.  I like to make sure that in my cupboards is an emergency bar of chocolate and bottle of red wine, for the times when my soul needs a little TLC. 

What do you have in your self care toolkit?

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