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Taking a holiday is the perfect time to switch off, put the phone away, spend some quality time with the family, make new memories and recharge your batteries.  No matter how idyllic a holiday sounds sometimes they become incredibly stressful, overwhelming and anxiety inducing.  From forgetting to pack something only to realise when you reach your holiday destination, bickering children and worrying about the potential of not fitting into clothes when you return home causing you to obsess over food choices.  Sure thing, it’s not a happy place to be and definitely not what you want when you’re about to slip into holiday mode. 

Time out from the daily routine is a massive dose of and a brilliant way to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.  However, we often forget to practice small acts of kindness and carve time into each day just for ourselves.  Even on holiday, you can indulge yourself, dedicating some time to something that nourishes your wellbeing and emotional health.

Practicing self care on holiday may sound impossible and selfish, especially as a parent.  How can you possibly find time for yourself when you’ve got children to clothe, feed and keep entertained?  Making precious space to concentrate on yourself will truly enhance and lift your entire holiday mood. If you’re feeling frazzled from all the organization and packing, jet lagged and out of sorts because you are lacking a routine, here are some ideas to help you find some personal space to practice self care while away to feel centered and balanced. 

Pack Up Your Self Care Toolkit & Take It With You

I recently shared my on the blog and some of it like my journal and can easily be packed into my suitcase without taking up too much space.  These have been game changers in my morning routine (I mean really!), they help to anchor my day, bring comfort, and allow me to focus. I thrive on having a routine and it’s the one thing that I struggle with while we’re away.  Obviously, going on holiday is all about going with the flow, but it’s nice to have a couple of everyday practices or items from home with you to turn to like a BBF when everything is full on and you would rather hide under the duvet. 

Prioritise and Simplify Your Schedule

Nobody wants to burn out on their holiday.  At risk of missing out, we cram so much into our schedules and try to do it all.  Of course, there is no problem with wanting to see it all, but everything can feel rushed and less enjoyable this way.  Make a bucket list of everything that you want to do and see, then prioritise. This way your trip will become less stress inducing, tiring and you will feel more relaxed without feeling anxious that you are going to miss anything.  Be gentle with yourself!

Indulge Your Own Passions and Needs

Planning fun things on holiday tend to be focused on what will make the children happy, however indulging your own needs is just as important.  Take yourself on a shopping trip and buy something for you alone, visit a lunch spot that’s caught your eye, schedule in something that you would like to try.  Holidaying as a family can be difficult as you’re trying to please everyone, but sometimes you need to make you a priority in order to inject some joy into your personal holiday experience.

Let Spontaneity Win

While on holiday we raise our expectations to create the most perfect of memories, which can lead to disappointment if they don’t come to fruition.  Let go of these expectations and open your arms to spontaneity.  To really live and enjoy the moment sometimes we have to simply trust the universe and go with the flow.  Plus, living in the present allows us to savour our surroundings more which we may miss if we steamrolled ahead with our plans. 

Slow Things Right Down To Breathe

Make sure to book in some slow days in your holiday to allow you to do exactly what holidays are for, relaxation.   A slow morning in your PJ’s with a leisurely breakfast, a long walk and tuning into your surroundings, time with nature, journaling, short meditation practices are all great ways to bring more ease and mindfulness on holiday.   There is nothing wrong with traveling for miles and wanting to simply do nothing. It’s OK to just be. 

Staying grounded and calm on holiday can be a tricky one to achieve, especially when there is so much to see and do. Being able to grab some time to yourself may be difficult, but essential to nourish your mind, body and soul while away.  By receiving from yourself and filling your cup back up, you will be able to give more to your holiday and your loved ones who are on the same magical journey with you.   Find a little time to indulge yourself,  to keep your balance in check, stay centred and nourish your wellbeing. 

Are you good at practicing self care while on holiday or is it non-existent? I’d love to hear how you bring some ease and flow into your holiday in the s.