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It’s something that we will have in common at some point in our lives and it’s something that I’ve experienced over the past year or so – I lost my fitness mojo.  Last year I trained for my first ever half marathon, it was challenging and grueling, but I felt that I’d found a real groove with my fitness; the first time since having a baby.  

For whatever reason, mainly laziness and using Aiden and work as the main excuses for not having time to put an effective together I really lost my way.  Running a half marathon was quite an achievement for me and my body seriously needed the break afterward, however, this break lasted a lot longer until exercise was almost non-existent.   Over the past couple of months, I had done short workouts at home along side Aiden, which were great and helped to peak my interest in exercise again.  They had such a positive effect that at the beginning of the month, I rejoined the gym after 2 and half years because now that I have regular childcare I can keep up a consistent routine.  

August marked the beginning of my journey of to feeling strong and healthy again that I’m fully committed to.  I’m really enjoying my meals, nourishing my body without depriving it and moving it in a way that I love.  Although there’s a long way to go, at the moment I feel better than I have in a long time only after a few weeks of being on this new routine and I know that exercise is a big part of that.  

Excitingly, I’ve caught the bug, slowly, but surely I’m falling back in love with fitness again.  I’m sharing some of my tips that have helped me get on back on track with my fitness again because it’s had such a magical effect on my mental and physical wellbeing in short space of time, I thought it might help you too.


If you haven’t worked out for a long time, there’s no point in embarking on a 20 mile run as your first workout back.  It’s great to have these kinds of goals in mind, however, it’s better to take your time with it and go at your own pace.  Personally, I don’t believe in the ‘go big or go home’ mentality, pushing your body to the extreme when it hasn’t had any preparation could be damaging.  Be gentle with yourself, build up your strength first and then work on those amazing goals. 

Do It From A Place Of Enjoyment

It goes without saying when you enjoy doing something you’re more likely to do it more.  Working out should be a part of your day that you look forward to, so don’t feel pressurised to do a particular workout because it’s the latest fad and people have lost a huge amount of weight doing it.  If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. This fact shouldn’t be an issue, there are lots of ways to keep fit, find a way that you love and feels good.



These days if something isn’t written in my planner then it’s most likely not to get done.  Admittedly, I now go to the effort to write my workouts in my planner for this reason alone. Plus, seeing it in writing makes it feel more official and I love crossing things off my to-do list.  So far so good, it’s making me get my butt moving and complete my exercise sessions. 


There’s nothing like a funky beat to get you up and moving.  Filling up your playlist with some high energy tracks or your favourite tunes will make your workout feel more like fun than a chore. Recently, I’ve been loving listening to my favourite podcasts as I workout too. 

Make Exercise Part Of Your Self Care Routine

This is a massive motivator for me after months of feeling like crap.  I realised that I wasn’t looking after myself as well as I should, and yes, I know I should practice what I preach!   Getting a great workout in has become part of my routine because it makes me feel good, just like buying myself a bunch of beautiful flowers does.   There is far more to exercise than the physical side and wanting to get fit.  Being able to dust off those daily stresses and giving myself the permission to find some head space is essential. The escapism that you feel when you’re outdoors running, the relief after a hard day that yoga can bring or that energising boost from a morning workout is second to none.


Having something to work towards is such a motivator and makes it easier to get out the door and start training.  There’s nothing like a race to make you feel more accountable and incentivized to make you lace up your trainers again.


Being stuck in the same old groove is going to do nothing to help you get back into fitness.  There is no better time to change things up after a break, so why not try a new class, sport or try a new form of exercise to shake things up and make your routine more exciting? 

Remember how great it feels

When we lose our fitness mojo, we forget how alive exercise makes us feel and how it affects our everyday life. Already I can tell that my quality of sleep is better and my energy levels have increased since trying to get back on track.  If only they could bottle up and sell how amazing working out makes you feel, whoever invents such a thing would be a billionaire!

Buy some colourful fitness gear

There is nothing like some new colourful workout gear to motivate you and get you up and moving.  Brightly coloured leggings and vivid trainers have become a staple in my workout wardrobe and love how happy and positive they make me feel. 

Don’t force it, if you don’t feel ready to start working out again, that’s OK.  Sometimes you have to believe in the timing of your life and maybe it’s not your time just yet, but it will come eventually.  However, if you feel ready to work out again, beginning slowly with whatever feels good to you and is achievable for you is a fantastic starting point – do what works best for your life and nobody else’s. 


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