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Even though the diet culture would want us to believe it there’s no such thing as a perfect diet. We’re constantly spun the latest quick fix to lose weight, nourish our bodies and feel fabulous in 5 days created by some expert who’s never even laid eyes on you or knows your body. 

Only you know your own body.  You are your own expert and this is one of the main reasons why diets don’t work. What your body’s needs is not linear – it’s constantly evolving depending on what stage you’ve reached in your life. To follow a strict routine, demonising foods and cutting things out you’re relinquishing your control over your body and putting that responsibility into someone else’s hands.

When you listen to your body and nourish it authentically instead of eating by a set of rules created by someone else you’ll feel more balanced and connected because your being true to you, for you and no one else.  Here are my 3 magic steps to taking care of your body on a deeper level without any interferences from outside influences and tuning into what it really wants based on your personal needs for better wellbeing and happiness. 

Stay In Your Zone

When you started your wellness journey and had a burning desire for better health it may have been triggered by idolising some else’s body that you’ve seen in on tv, in a magazine or perhaps your friend has the body that you’ve always dreamed of owning.  Let me put it to you straight, even if you followed the same eating plan and did the same workouts you will never look like this person. EVER!  

Never worry about what everyone else is doing, focus on yourself and what your body needs.  It’s not a competition if someone can hold a plank longer than you, great.  If someone can drink green juices but you hate the taste, that’s great too.  It’s fantastic to support one another and cheer each other on, but also celebrate your own progress, no matter how big or small. Please don’t feel disheartened if someone appears to be manifesting or reaching their goals (whatever they may be) quicker than you. All that matters is YOU, so stay in your zone and be happy with your daily achievements. 

I’ll be digging in deeper into this topic on the blog soon, but I share my ideas on how to move away from the comparison trap to live a more authentic life, .

Honour Your Bodies Needs

Tuning in to your bodies needs, and I mean digging down and really listening here is one of the best ways to authentically nourish it. It’s so easy to get lost in the latest eating trends, fitness fads, wellness lifestyle trends and they may not be right for you, but you ride the wave anyway because everyone else is so it must be correct.

Honouring your bodies needs, which will change over time is one of the best ways to nourish it authentically.  We’re all different and what works for one person isn’t going to work for another, that’s the beauty of diversity.  Play things by your rules, which are going to be individual to you at any given time.  Over time, you bodies needs will change: it may need to eat less meat, perhaps it needs less caffeine, or needs to move less or the meditation app you’ve been using isn’t working anymore.  Implement these changes as an when your body gives you the signal and don’t be scared to give your body what it wants. 

Do Everything With Love & Joy 

For me, love and joy are at the core of everything that I do in every aspect of my life, from work, my business, relationships, hobbies, wellbeing, food, and fitness.  When you align your heart with your purpose it drives more happiness into your life because you’re doing something that you love. 

Forcing something into your life that doesn’t sit well with you is going to feel uneasy and awkward and life is far too short to be doing something that you hate.  If you’re eating certain foods because you’ve been told they will make you healthier but you hate the taste, don’t buy them again.  If you’re moving your body in a way that’s painful or doesn’t bring enjoyment, stop.  Experiment and find what feels good for your health and wellbeing and do more of it to bring more joy and bliss into your life. 

If you would like more guidance on how to live a more balanced life then you can grab my free ebook, The Essential Balance Guide . 

Do you nourish your body authentically? How do you achieve this? Let me know in the s below.

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