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I spend a lot of time online, with a small business where the majority of my income comes from being online it’s inevitable that I find myself scrolling through my social media feeds throughout the day.  Constantly, images of incredibly beautiful women with six-pack abs, interior accounts with the perfect homes, beautiful preened salads and prettied up smoothie bowls, mums who have their sh*t together and still manage to look glam in the process are filling my feeds.  At times, I will admit that they do make me feel inferior like I’m not making enough effort or forever getting it wrong.  Like all of us, I’m often sucked into the . 

When you started out on your wellness journey what may have sparked your interest is a certain person who has the idolised, yet unattainable ‘perfect’ body. You may have checked up on their exercise routine and their daily meals, in order to copy exactly what they’re doing to look precisely like them.  You’re killing yourself in the gym and restricting what you eat because one day, when you look like this person your life is going to be amazing, doors will open and everything that you dreamed of will come flooding your way. 

Let me put it to you straight, even if you executed their workout regimen to a ‘T’ and ate the same foods in the same quantities, it’s genetically impossible to look like them.  The fact is you are one person and she is another.  You’re both unique and equally worthy of magical things and this is not determined by how you look or weigh, they’re mutually exclusive. 

One of the founding principles of my coaching course at is ‘bio-individuality’ – appreciating the fact that what works for one isn’t going to work for another. This is something that I’m deeply passionate about and a message that I’ve spoken about a lot on the blog and will use in my future practice.  As we evolve our bodies needs will also evolve with us and are subject to change and that’s OK. This concept can be extended to different aspects of our lives such as diets, fitness, self care practices etc.  Our bodies needs differ from person to person and it’s important to honour these needs and rather getting lost in someones else’s world. 

When you try to keep up or mimic some else’s health journey, you’re basically tuning into someone else’s body and ignoring your own.  However, your body matters and really getting deep into what it needs is a massive dose of unconditional love.  All of our bodies are incredible things and they deserve love and respect that you would give to your best friend.  

Never worry about what everyone else is doing.  Don’t get lost in that comparison rabbit hole, if you see someone at the gym doing 100 squats, but you can only manage 10, that’s fantastic!  Support one another and cheer each other on, but also celebrate your own progress, no matter how big or small. Please don’t feel disheartened if someone appears to be manifesting or reaching their goals (whatever they may be) quicker than you. All that matters is YOU, so stay in your zone and own your wellness journey. 

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Do you often get caught up in someone else’s health journey?