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Winter can be dark, damp, grey and uninspiring which can leave us feeling a bit deflated, especially after the jolly festivities over Christmas.  

Admittedly it’s not my favourite season and I long for the bright colours and freshness of spring come mid-January, however, I try to stay positive.  We really are the products of our thoughts and if we get stuck in the mindset of misery about the season, it most probably will be.  Instead, I like to put a few things into practice to help give my mood a boost if I feel like I’m going to slip into the winter blues.  It’s easily done, the persistent grey clouds outside don’t make it easy to stay upbeat, but shifting your mindset to a more positive place will not only boost your mood but also uplift your wellbeing too.

Surround Yourself With Things That Bring You Joy

Whether it’s certain photos that bring back memories of happier times, a particular scented candle, pretty notebooks, a favourite jumper – surround yourself with the things that you love that bring a smile to your face.  Little reminders dotted here and there at home or at work will instantly help to take you back to happier moments to bring comfort and a little happiness to your day if you need a boost.

Start a Gratitude Journal 

A bit of gratitude can go a long way in your life and is a fantastic way to promote better emotional health when we’re feeling low.  I try to practice gratitude daily when I can, but I feel that something is better than nothing where this is concerned.  When the winter blues hit, open up a page in your notebook and write down everything that you’re grateful for to remind you that there can be rays of sunshine even on a grey day.  

Declutter Your Space

Winter is a time when our homes seem to accumulate clutter and knick-knacks seem to stick around, mainly because we’re spending more time indoors so the nesting process is in full swing.  Too much clutter can create a mental haze that makes us feel tense. Make your space a relaxing sanctuary by having a quick tidy up and declutter. This not only helps to make your home feel less chaotic but amazingly it will clear your headspace and bring a sense of calm. 

Use Warm Yellow Lights Around Your Home

Warm yellow bulbs and fairy lights add a cosy feel to a home opposed to white bright lights.  This added sense of from the warm lights works as a mood booster, whoever needed a better excuse to put fairy lights up everywhere. 

Carve Some Time in Your Day For Fun

We get so stuck in a routine and working hard that we forget to have some fun.  Laughing with friends, doing a silly dance to your favourite song, a coffee date are all fun and can be the source of genuine joy. Remember to carve some time in your day to have some fun moments which are obviously going to help boost your mood. 

Get Outdoors No Matter The Weather

In the colder months, we tend to go into hibernation and fear going outside because of the cold.  I totally get it because I always fall into the same trap, it’s lovely to get all cosy indoors but I really thrive when I’m connecting with nature. I’m trying not to let the weather in winter put me off, it’s all about wrapping up warm, braving the cold and reaping the emotional health benefits. 

Do you love the winter?  What little things help to boost your mood?

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