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Does anyone else feel that this year is just whizzing by? I’m trying to make every moment count as it seems to be going by so fast, but then I feel an added pressure to try to be present and mindful in every moment and guilty when I’m not- it’s so hard to strike that balance!

The first half of February felt like a busy one with some fun national days like Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day to throw into the mix. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, however, it would appear that Aiden does. Bless him! He’s only 3 but kindly gifted me a dozen roses, Nigella’s latest cookbook, and some chocolates as well making an adorable card at nursery. We also ate our body weight in pancakes too, Nutella ones, jammy ones, lemon and sugar ones. So all in all, February has been sprinkled with fun, but I’ve also been getting my head down and planning some exciting things too.  Here’s what else I’ve been up to…

Speaking out about being an introvert

I was quite vocal about being an introvert over on my , which isn’t something that I’ve spoken openly about much or the challenges that it can bring. I’ve found it hard to make friends for the majority of my life and it’s held me back in so many ways. However, over the past year, since we settled back in the East Midlands and made it our home again I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and surround myself with some amazing, uplifting and supportive women.   I’m going to be talking about it more on the blog and I have a new opt-in that I’m working on dedicated to introverts as I feel that there isn’t that much out there, so watch this space. 

Anyone else addicted to Insta Stories?  I share quite a lot over there, like my day to day, behind the scenes, self care tips, simple recipes, and discussion topics, and it’s all honest and messy, so do follow along if you like that kind of thing.  My account is , it would be great to see you over there. 

Launching the Balance Retreat

Incidentally, as apart fo my collaboration with my friend , who I met via blogging and stepping out of my comfort zone we launched our first event – a in April.  We’ve been working on it for some time and really excited to get it out in the open. It’s a day dedicated to women who are looking to inject for balance and bliss into their lives. There will be insightful workshops, tasty nourishing food, a pilates class, relaxation and lots of fun.

We currently have Early Bird offers available and you can register and find out more details .

Night Out With Friends

As many of you mums will know, we don’t get the opportunity to go out with our friends much. Last Friday night, I went out sans child and husband with 2 of my friends and it was so lovely to be out. It was a given that it wasn’t going to be a wild night, just a drink in the village pub, but it was really lovely. I was in bed by 10 pm too, my 21-year-old self would be ashamed of me!

The Mending Mummy Insta Takeover

I’ve never done an Insta takeover before, so I was really honoured to be asked to take over the Instagram account for the day. I wasn’t sure what to share at first, not thinking that I would be interesting enough, however, their audience was very kind and welcoming, which helped put me at ease. I shared my working day essentials and some achievable self care tips that you can easily slot into your everyday. 

So that was my February, I’d love to hear all about yours in the s below, the good and the bad.  

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Are you team American pancakes or team crepes?

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