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There are many mental blocks that we create for ourselves that means we don't make that precious time for self care.   Grab these powerful shifts that may help you move past some blocks that you've created if you're struggling to make your own needs a priority.

Self care as a concept has really exploded over the past few years and it can feel like a bit of a fad and another wellness trend that’s not going to stick around.  I’d like to argue that self care is here to stay as it’s an important aspect of wellness that is often overlooked by so many, but actually, it’s invaluable.

Carving out some space in my day for myself has become a habit that I honestly thrive on, and yes there are periods when my self care practices are non-existent, which is when my mental and emotional health really suffers.  This to me only reinforces the significant positive impact that my self care rituals and routines have on my life.

There are many mental blocks that we create for ourselves that means we don’t make that precious time for ourselves.   Mainly this is down to our mindset surrounding self care and how it works in our lives.  With that said, I’ve been thinking about some powerful shifts that may help you move past some blocks that you’ve created if you’re struggling to make your own needs a priority.

You are deserving of your own love and care

Do you think that you’re not deserving of your own care?  Do you give yourself to others, but neglect to look after yourself?

Everyone deserves some time to nourish their mind, body, and soul in whatever way they find supporting and uplifting.  A mindset that we often get stuck in is that our own needs don’t matter and we put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list.  Realising your own worth is a powerful transformation that will help you make more space in your daily routine for some restorative self care, especially as you reap the wellbeing rewards of this essential practice.

Stop comparing your version of self care to somebody else’s

You may note someone’s self care rituals on Instagram and think how amazing it looks, but when you try it for yourself it doesn’t quite have the same soulful nourishment you were hoping for.  The important take away here is that one person’s form of self care is another person’s poison and it can be said about every aspect of wellness.  Just because something works for one person it doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for you too.

Define what self care means to you by thinking about what makes you feel good, lights you up and rejuvenates you.  Spending some time to do this will enable you to focus on your own self-practice and rituals rather than trying to emulate someone else’s that may not be a good fit for you.

I wrote a post about .

Understand that self care doesn’t have to be complicated

One misunderstanding about self care is that it’s too complicated, time-consuming or costly.  Of course, the yoga retreats abroad and exotic holidays are wonderful, but these are both costly and not achievable forms of self care for everybody. It can be as basic as you want it to be because it’s all about what truly fills your cup back up and nourishes you.  It’s important to make your form of self care attainable in your life so that it becomes a perpetual habit that you’re able to carry out regularly rather than just here and there.

If you’re looking for some quick and simple ideas on how to practice self care in under 10 minutes, .

Recognise that self care isn’t selfish

Guilt can be a massive reason why someone doesn’t make any time for themselves. They’re too scared to say ‘no’, worried that things won’t get ticked off the to-do list if they take some time out, or feel guilty over the fact that they’re putting themselves before their loved ones.

The reality is that self care isn’t selfish at all, in fact, it’s the .  In order to look after others and carry out our responsibilities with 110% of ourselves, we need to be feeling our best.  A car cannot run on an empty tank of petrol and similarly, you can’t function optimally on low energy.  Hence, making time for you isn’t just going to benefit you, but everyone in your life too.

If you’re struggling to fit self care into your daily life and want demystify this topic, I’m running a “How to Simplify Self Care Workshop” over on my – it would be great if you could join me.

Do you suffer from any blocks around self care that prevent you from making time for your needs?

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